Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nibble Tray | preschooler's snack to go

Summer greetings, everyone!  

While I am very much enjoying not having to peel myself out of bed super early every morning, it still doesn't seem like we've hit that lazy summer days groove yet. I feel like I'm still waiting to catch my breath! Maybe that's just life with a houseful of crazy kids...

Speaking of them, the younger two never. ever. slow down. 
Unless they are eating. Then they sit still for at least a few minutes at a time. Unless we are on the go, which is a lot. But even then they gotta eat. This is one of the recent on the go snacks I packed. 

Nibble Tray on the go snack

Packed in a Nibble Tray:
- veggie chips
- small bit of granola bar (a flapjack from a recent Graze box)
- a mix of peanuts, chocolate sunflower kernels, organic yogurt covered pretzel
- cheddar cheese
- pistacios
- salami roll-ups

The green leaf section has a built in ice pack, so it stays chilled for a while. The area held hummus (for the veggie chips) and a couple nibbles of kiwi fruit.

I had intended this nibble tray to be a shared snack for both Paige and Tyler. That was sorely short sighted of me. Those two were at each other's throats, each trying to snarf down as much food as they could before the other could have it. Maybe it would have worked out better had I made duplicate compartments of each food. But I don't think I'll test the the theory any time soon. Sigh.

Supplies used to make this snack:

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