Monday, June 24, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday - Summer!

Happy Summer, everyone!


SUMMER is the theme of the week for Muffin Tin Monday! I hope by now everyone's school is out for summer vacation! 

We have been out of school for over a month already. I am in full-blown chaos mode with my crazy crew and the days are flying by faster than I imagined. It's Monday again already? Seriously? 

I am curious if anyone would mind (or notice?!) if Muffin Tin Monday went on hiatus until fall. If you have an opinion, please speak up in comments! I don't mind posting the link-up so others can share their muffin tin meals, but at this point I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate myself this summer. My intentions are there, but my follow-through is suffering. These Mondays just keep sneaking up on me!

Curious about Muffin Tin Monday? Check out the MTM information page to read all about it. 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday - the swanky 70's!


Welcome to the 70's! This week's Muffin Tin Monday theme is another stop in the decades series, the swanky 70's!

I'm hoping someone worked some shag carpet into their muffin tin. ;)

Curious about Muffin Tin Monday? Check out the MTM information page to read all about it. 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nibble Tray | preschooler's snack to go

Summer greetings, everyone!  

While I am very much enjoying not having to peel myself out of bed super early every morning, it still doesn't seem like we've hit that lazy summer days groove yet. I feel like I'm still waiting to catch my breath! Maybe that's just life with a houseful of crazy kids...

Speaking of them, the younger two never. ever. slow down. 
Unless they are eating. Then they sit still for at least a few minutes at a time. Unless we are on the go, which is a lot. But even then they gotta eat. This is one of the recent on the go snacks I packed. 

Nibble Tray on the go snack

Packed in a Nibble Tray:
- veggie chips
- small bit of granola bar (a flapjack from a recent Graze box)
- a mix of peanuts, chocolate sunflower kernels, organic yogurt covered pretzel
- cheddar cheese
- pistacios
- salami roll-ups

The green leaf section has a built in ice pack, so it stays chilled for a while. The area held hummus (for the veggie chips) and a couple nibbles of kiwi fruit.

I had intended this nibble tray to be a shared snack for both Paige and Tyler. That was sorely short sighted of me. Those two were at each other's throats, each trying to snarf down as much food as they could before the other could have it. Maybe it would have worked out better had I made duplicate compartments of each food. But I don't think I'll test the the theory any time soon. Sigh.

Supplies used to make this snack:

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Kid Summer Camp Lunch

We have enjoyed over three weeks of summer vacation so far and this week Ethan gets to go to a summer enrichment program at school. Five full days of fun classes he got to pick out himself. A couple of the courses he opted for: Outdoor Games and Lego Mania. Totally rad!

Yesterday he insisted on packing his own lunch (it was my birthday and he didn't want me "to work too hard" - ha!) and I didn't grab a picture before he left. This is today's lunch:

Laptop Lunches bento box lunch - multigrain tortilla chips, guacamole, cheddar cheese, organic strawberries, grapes & homemade granola bar

Packed in a Laptop Lunches Box:
- multi-grain tortilla chips
- an individual portion of packaged Wholly Guacamole
- cheddar cheese
- organic strawberries & grapes with a fun cocktail  fork to eat them with
- homemade granola bar (wrapped in wax paper and tucked in the side area)

Supplies used to pack this lunch:

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday - the ocean

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday!

The theme of the day is The Ocean.

Muffin Tin Monday - seaside ocean muffin tin meal

And to be totally honest, I totally cheated and am recycling a muffin tin meal I made almost three years ago!

- a sand pail (mini bento bucket full of vanilla yogurt and topped with graham cracker crumbs)
- a school of fish crackers
- octopus (hot dog shaped octopus!)
- strawberries... just because
- lobster shaped quesadilla
- fish shaped boiled egg

More details about the making of this muffin tin meal are in the original post.

Supplies used to make this muffin tin meal:

New to Muffin Tin Monday? Check out the MTM information page to read all about it. The schedule of themes can be found there too. The schedule has been updated and themes are now listed through the end of July! If you have some theme ideas, please share your ideas in the comments! 

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Snacks, snacks, lots of school snacks!

At one point during this last school year I thought I'd make a real effort to start documenting our packed school snacks. The problem is it wasn't a habit and therefore kept slipping my mind in the crazy getting-ready-for-school morning rush and 97% of the time I forgot to do it.

So these are just the random handful of snacks I happened to take pictures of. They spread over a long time period, and bridge a transition in Paige's diet (the more recent ones being lower in simple carbs and sugar and are artificial dye-free).

This snack was packed in our newish strawberry bento box. This is a 2-tier (stacked) box, but I just used the top box this time, so it was a single tier.  It holds a homemade banana walnut muffin (with lots of chia seeds and flax meal added), and there are pumpkin seeds in the lidded Mini-Dipper container:
kindergarten snack - strawberry bento box - banana nut muffin and pumpkin seeds

This is 1 of 2 new little bento boxes Paige got for her birthday in March. This one is divided into three sections. On this day she had Goldfish crackers, roasted almonds, and a Babybell cheese. That larger section was big enough to also hold one cell of a Goodbyn icepack blanet also, which helped keep the cheese nice and chilled until snack time:
kindergarten snack - almonds, goldfish crackers, Babybell cheese

The super cute lid... it's Hello Kitty! The lid snaps on like a Lock & Lock box. I found this bento set on ebay (from this shop).
Hello Kitty snack box for mini bento

This snack was packed in the 2nd box from that Hello Kitty bento set, this one doesn't have built-in dividers, but is the same size and has an identical lid. This snack contained a clementine, turkey jerky, and in the tube (an old mini M&M holder) are sunflower kernels:
Kindergarten snack box - clementine, sunflower kernels, turkey jerky

Same box again, the tube also has sunflower kernels. And two mini granola bars ("flapjacks" from our Graze Box subscription):
kindergarten snack - sunflower kernels & apple cinnamon granola bar

Packed in a Goodbyn snack box, this snack is mini organic peanut butter cracker sandwiches (from Trader Joe's) and almonds:
Kindergarten snack - organic peanut butter sandwich crackers & almonds

Packed in a small Lock & Lock snack box, fishie crackers and pumpkin kernels:
school snack Goldfish crackers and pumpkin seed kernels

The Goodbyn snack box again, mini saltine crackers and a mini muffin (I have no earthly memory of what type of muffin that was):
mini saltine crackers and mini muffin in Goodbyn snack box memory struggles again...this snack was some sort of granola bar (maybe an organic Clif's Zbar?) with what looks like graham crackers under it? And grapes:
Snack Goodbyn with kids Zbar and grapes

The same snack sized Lock & Lock box as above, but I slid one of the included trays to the middle to make 3 sections. This one holds a granola bar, fishies, grapes. This was Ethan's snack, I'm pretty sure:
Snack Lock & Lock box with granola bar fishies grapes

Some sort of crackers and itty bitty mini Hello Kitty sandwiches. Those tiny kitty sandwiches were made using larger "scrap" pieces of bread from leftover cut-outs. I used HK fruit & veggie cutters to make those (#5 from my Hello Kitty cutter round-up post): 
Snack Hello Kitty bite-size sandwiches and crackers

Supplies used to pack these snacks:

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The last school lunches of the year

We are already in the thick of our summer vacation, so no school lunches have been made in awhile. But I did have a few stray lunches that hadn't been posted yet, and here they are!

One of Ethan's last lunches of elementary school, ever. (Sob!!)...
Soft pretzel, carrots, grapes, cheddar cheese - EasyLunchboxes & Tomica bento
Packed in an EasyLunchbox container:
- soft pretzel roll
- cheddar cheese in a silicone muffin cup
- organic baby carrots
- grapes

Because this soft pretzel was unsalted I added a little car-topped shaker bottle holding pretzel salt for Ethan to add himself. This lunch is basically an exact replica of the Mickey Mouse pretzel lunch he had had the prior week. Because, why not? :)

One of Paige's last lunches of Kindergarten. Sniffle....
Pizza school lunch - Laptop Lunches for Kindergarten bento box
This lunch is packed in a Laptop Lunchbox:
- two slices of her favorite garlic parmesan chicken pizza
- a bounty of cucumber slices, cut with a flower shaped mini cookie cutter
- fruit: clementine, grapes, strawberry
- hummus in the small dipping container

I used the large container from a set of Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies to hold the large pizza slices. This container comes with a lid, which contained the loose parmesan bits from spreading over to the other side foods.

Interesting (to me) discovery: Paige did not eat the hummus. Despite being on a mega hummus kick. Why? I asked. She said, "I only love hummus on cucumbers if they have the crust on them. Without the cucumber crusts I like to eat them plain with nuffing on them. And I didn't have anything else to eat the hummus with." 
Well, okay then! Good to know. By "cucumber crusts" she means the skin, of course. :)

And lastly, a long time ago lunch of Ethan's...
Lock & Lock bento set lunch
This one is packed in a Lock & Lock Lunch Set.
- soft pretzel
- strawberries
- cheddar cheese 
- dry roasted chickpeas

I'm preeeety sure this concludes the last of the lunches from the 2012-2013 school year. Gosh this year flew by in a blur!

Supplies used to make these lunches:
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday - Perfect Picnic

What? It's Monday again, already?! We are beginning week 3 of summer break and it's safe to say my brain is officially on summer schedule. I'm no longer capable of keeping track of days of the week. 

Tah-dah! My ultra simple picnic time muffin tin meal:
Muffin Tin Monday - perfect easy picnic
Top row:
- watermelon, carrots and cherries, mini sealed bite-sized sandwiches with a few pretzels*,
Bottom row:
- *repeat, grapes, more watermelon!

Pretty boring, right? Yep. :) 
Paige and Tyler shared this for a light lunch. Tyler stole Paige's watermelon, but she ate all the grapes. Seemed fair to me, but there was a lot of squawking involved.  A brawl didn't break out and they remained unscathed. So, win.  

Confession: I feel like I'm in the trenches of summer already, and I'm scared. 

Supplies used to make this muffin tin meal:

New to Muffin Tin Monday? Check out the MTM information page to read all about it. The schedule of themes can be found there too. The schedule has been updated and themes are now listed through the end of July!

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