Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lunchbots bento boxes | a little of this & a little of that

These bentos are on the small side, but there is a lot of variety packed into these small spaces. 

Lunchbots quad - butterfly flower garden bento box with blueberry mini muffins, salami & cheese
This bento is in a Lunchbots Quad (divided into 4 sections):
- two mini blueberry muffins with some pecans tucked in the corners
- butterfly crackers with organic cream cheese
- mini BabyBel cheese and slices of salami
- grapes & strawberries with a couple cute flower bento picks

deli roll-ups, strawberries, cucumbers, & more
Packed in a Lunchbots Duo (made with two sections):
- deli roll-ups, made with Applegate all natural ham & havarti cheese*
- cucumber slices, cut with a flower shaped mini cookie cutter
- tiny strawberries in a small silicone corner cup, with a cute bento fork to eat them with
- wheat crackers with organic cream cheese
- pumpkin kernels in the little corner cup, topped with an organic yogurt covered pretzel
- a couple strips of turkey jerky
- a few organic chocolate teddy cookies 

I packed this Duo box with the wet stuff on one side of the divider, and dry foods on the other.  Within each of these sections I used silicone grassy baran to further separate some foods: the deli roll-ups from the cucumbers, and then the teddy cookies from the turkey jerky.

Supplies used to pack these bentos:
* Applegate recently sent me a variety of deli meat and cheese to try out and enjoy with my family. :)

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Michelle said... [Reply to comment]

uh oh, my boys just discovered your blog and want you to pack their lunches. Amazing as always.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

You are so crafty and have such fun food style already, you'd totally rock the bento boxes too Michelle!

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