Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kindergarten Field Trip Lunch & hearty snack bento

Earlier this week Paige had her last field trip of the year. Unlike most field trip lunches, this one did not need to be disposable (yay!). 

The field trip was to see a performance of Go Dog Go. So naturally I tweaked a little of that heme into her lunch that day.
Go Dog Go lunch box for Kindergartener
Packed in an EasyLunchboxes container:
- pb&j sandwich on multigrain, cut with a dog in a dog house Lunch Punch
- two dog bowls (according to Paige!), with Goldfish crackers and a few grapes
- Wheat Thins and some Applegate Farms havarti cheese, cut into bone shapes with a mini cookie cutter
- cucumber slice "frisbees" ;)

Because the class ate lunch earlier than normal, before leaving for the field trip, parents were asked to send in "a hearty snack" for the afternoon, when they returned back to school. No problemo! It was the perfect occasion to break in our new strawberry bento box:
strawberry bento box - big snack:mini lunch
This berry cute snack bento holds:
- a bunch of hummus in a mini-dipper box
- "Eat Your Vegetables" chips
- two organic strawberries
- deli roll-ups made with Applegate Naturals uncured slow-cooked ham & natural Havarti cheese*, with a bit of mustard

two tier strawberry bento box

This strawberry box is crazy cute, all stacked up ready to roll. :)

Paige was so excited over this strawberry bento, and I really enjoyed packing it up. It was a reminder that I really need to reach for those lesser-used fun bentos in my cabinets.

Supplies used to make these bentos:

* Applegate recently sent me a variety of delicious deli meats and yummy cheese to sample and enjoy with the family.  :)
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