Thursday, May 9, 2013

Peace, Love, & Mickey Mouse - more Mickey bentos :)

More Mickey in the house...and in the lunch boxes. :)
Ethan got some Mickey fun this time.
Mickey Mouse bento box school lunch - soft pretzel, carrots, fruit, furikake salt shaker
Packed in an EasyLunchboxes:
- soft pretzel
- cheddar cheese 
- organic baby carrots
- kiwi fruit & a strawberry on a puffy Mickey head pick

That cute little Mickey Mouse container next to the pretzel is called a furikake shaker bottle. Furikake is seasoning flavor/spices that is sprinkled on rice in traditional Japanese bentos and food. I have it filled with pretzel salt since this soft pretzel was unsalted. Ethan could add a sprinkle of salt to the top as he wished.

Peace Love and Mickey Mouse - preschool bento box lunch
Peace, Love, & Mickey Mouse! 
- multigrain peace sign pretzel chips
- kiwi fruit and a strawberry heart
- Mickey Mouse crackers (they are from Disney World)
- little Mickey Mouse sandwich of organic peanut butter & local honey

This lunch is packed in a 4 square Lock & Lock box. :)

Supplies used to make these lunches:

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