Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2 Laptop Lunches for my Kindergarten girl

A couple Laptop Lunches here! These are both school lunches made for Paige.

Laptop Lunches mini animal sandwiches, cucumbers and hummus, snap pea crisps, strawberries and quinoa chips
- cucumber sticks with a schnazzy handstanding bunny bento pick
- mini-dipper full of hummus
- organic strawberries and a talented dancing bear bento pick
- three mini sandwiches on multigrain, cut with this little cutter set
- Snap Pea Crisps 
- black bean quinoa tortilla chips (from Trader Joe's)

A couple random notes: 
#1 - Paige only likes those Snap Pea Crisps if she can dip them in hummus. 
#2 - Those tortilla chips from Trader Joe's are fantastic! 
#3 - I absolutely love those little EasyLunchbox mini-dipper boxes, and stoked they fit in the Laptop Lunches. While the Laptop Lunches do come with a tiny dip box, the mini-dippers are a bit bigger and the lids are easy for my littles to handle independently. I'm a fan. 

Laptop Lunches Kindergarten Lunch - chicken pizza, fruit, veggie chips, jerky
- two clementines with cute leaf picks and a handful of grapes
- Paige's most favorite, garlic chicken pizza with parmesan
- veggie chips
- turkey jerky

I've been trying to limit the amount of sugar Paige gets in her lunches. Packing two sugary fruits (clementines and grapes are both high sugar fruits) is not ideal, but I tried to counter it with higher protein sides. She also had a higher protein snack for her afternoon snack time. :)

Supplies used to make these bento school lunches:
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