Wednesday, April 24, 2013

school lunches: puzzle bynto bentos

And this is what school lunch looked like today...

fun lunch in a bynto bento lunch box
Ethan's lunch, packed in a Bynto box:
- organic gala apple slices in an oversized silicone muffin cup
- grapes with cute dancing animal picks :)
- turkey roll-ups
- cheddar cheese puzzle pieces
- pretzels 

Bynto lunch for kindergarten - garlic chicken pizza & sides
Paige's lunch, also in a Bynto box:
- organic gala apple slices and strawberries, also in an oversized silicone cup
- cucumber slices 
- leftover garlic chicken pizza with fresh pecorino Romano cheese on top (YUM!)
- pretzels and a cheddar cheese puzzle piece

Those puzzle pieces are there for Autism Awareness Month, and here's Amy with another great message:
"We tend to associate autism with children, but autism is a lifelong condition: autistic children become autistic adults. And this transition can be difficult since many services and supports end abruptly when children become adults, although their need for them remains. 
There is currently a lack of group homes and caregivers available to provide care to adults on the spectrum. Even those, like my son, who have the potential to go to college or work, may not be able to due to a lack of support and understanding: for sensory difficulties, for problems with independent living skills, or for social and communication difficulties that cause problems in interviews or other professional interactions.

It's Autism Month, and I'm spreading the knowledge!"

Supplies used to pack these lunches:

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