Wednesday, April 10, 2013

School Lunches | more Puzzle Pieces for Autism

Lunches from yesterday...

soft pretzel autism bento 2 piece Lock & Lock set

Ethan's lunch is packed in 2 Lock & Lock boxes, from a L&L bento lunch set:
- soft pretzel
- cheddar cheese, top piece is a nifty puzzle and the scrappy pieces are tucked under it
- organic strawberries
- organic baby carrots

Is it noteworthy to indicate whether various foods I pack are organic? Most all of the produce I buy is organic, but it sounds obnoxious to me to list it as such when I detail the lunch ingredients, so I rarely do it. The same way I will say a sandwich is "pb&j" for simplicity's sake, but the truth is I never buy jelly or jam, it is always no-sugar-added organic fruit spread or fruit preserves. Anywho... 

Paige had a rare non-sandwich lunch. It's not like I think sandwiches are the be-all and end-all of lunches, and it's not as if Paige is huge sandwich fanatic (she's an equal opportunity foodist), but after having my first two kids totally shun sandwiches altogether, it is still a novelty to have a happy sandwich-eater.  I need to remind myself from time to time to give the sandwiches in her lunches a rest.  

So yesterday her lunch was more of a you-know-whatable...but without the candy or juice... and with fruit, veggies, and nuts on the side. ;)
Laptop Lunches school kindergarten lunch - puzzle cheese for autism awareness

Packed in a Laptop Lunches 2.0 box:
- salami, crackers, cheddar cheese
- blackberries and the last strawberry
- pistachios
- cucumber slices with hummus in a leak-proof mini dipper

Another autism message from Amy:
"Social behaviors that seem natural to many of us can be confusing to autistic people. For example, my son gets frustrated by social laughter -- the kind of laughter we use not because something is funny, but because we're nervous or just looking to communicate our friendly intentions. He keeps searching for the joke, when there often is none.  
Pay attention today and see how many times you catch yourself, or someone else, laughing just to be social, and imagine how confusing that could be for someone whose brain isn't wired to see a purpose in it. And have an awesome Autism Month."  :)

Items used to pack these lunches:
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