Friday, April 5, 2013

school lunch | piggies & puzzle pieces in a PlanetBox

Lunch for my Kindergarten girl today -
PlanetBox school lunch - piggies & puzzle pieces
Packed in her PlanetBox, Paige has:
- grapes with piggy bento picks
- mini sealed sandwiches of peanut butter & blackberry preserves
- pistachios in the pig shaped silicone cup
- the leak-proof Big Dipper contains yogurt
- chia seeds in the tiny blue box, to stir into the yogurt at lunchtime

The pink puzzle pieces are made from Stonyfield organic strawberry blend yogurt. I froze it in my puzzley silicone muffin pan and then popped them out when solid. The white stuff in the background is plain greek yogurt. I regularly mix plain yogurt with a sweeter yummy yogurt to cut down on the sugar, while bumping up the protein.

While the puzzle pieces will be pretty melty by lunchtime (they will not hold their shape that long), freezing a portion of the yogurt helps keep it icy cold and extra delicious. I experimented a few weeks ago with freezing that entire Big Dipper full of yogurt, but it was still too frozen after 4 hours under regular indoor conditions for that to be a feasible option for school lunches. It might be great for outdoor outings in a warm environment though.

Those puzzle pieces are our reminder that April is Happy Autism Month and here is Amy with another great message:
"Have you ever noticed media portrayals of autism almost always feature a sad, sad, lonely child, staring off into space and cut off from the rest of the world? Autistic people have diverse emotions and connections to the world, just like the rest of us! They may express those differently, but that doesn't mean they don't exist."
Amy made this neat photo comparison as a visual example to illustrate her point. The cutie in the photo collage is her own son.
Autism and B

Inspired by Amy's example, I made one too. This is how autism looks in our family. :)
What Autism looks like

Supplies used to make this lunch:

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Jenn Christ said... [Reply to comment]

Love this lunch and all of the wonderful pics of your sweetie <3 I ordered the puzzle pan through your link! So excited :D

Amber L. said... [Reply to comment]

I know this is an old post but I love your idea of freezing flavored yogurt to stir into plain. Also, the pictures of your son are really cute!

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