Monday, April 29, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday | April Showers Bring May Flowers

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! 

The assigned theme for this week is April Showers Bring May Flowers.

Muffin Tin Monday - April Showers Bring May Flowers

Top row: 
2 umbrella sandwiches. 
The green handles for the umbrellas are from Lindt chocolate "carrots" I saved from Easter.

Middle row: 
havarti cheese raindrops atop crackers. 

Bottom row: 
strawberry flowers on a kiwi backdrop, bento picks make the tulip stems and pretty daisies. 

April has felt especially rainy to me this year, not necessarily literally, but figuratively it has been a sad month. Death (a child from our elementary school passed away), disasters (Boston Marathon and West, Texas tragedies), and a diagnosis (not ready to talk about that yet). It's just been a month of yuck and heartache and I am so hoping May blooms with beauty and bursts with bliss. I have two friends who are having babies next month and that seems like a wonderful start. :)

Supplies used to make this muffin tin meal:

New to Muffin Tin Monday? Check out the MTM information page to read all about it. The schedule of themes can be found there too. :) The themes through June are posted!

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I just LOVE this meal of yours, it is so cute. I particularly like the flowers at the bottom, they're very pretty!

Sharla said... [Reply to comment]

Great idea to save the bottoms of the Lindt carrots! I was wondering where you got the umbrella bottoms! Cute.

Kelli said... [Reply to comment]

I will be praying for peace for you and your family. I read your blog for ideas for 2 year old's lunches but I am also a junior high life skills teacher in a classroom full of beautiful students who happen to be autistic. I have really appreciated all that you've shared this month. I passed along the 10 things I wish your child knew about autism article to my fellow teachers, who have been discussing it with their classes. Thanks for making a difference. :)

kewkew said... [Reply to comment]

I am hoping it is okay if I share my April Showers Bring May Flowers posts from the past. I completely forgot until this morning what the theme was so I didn't get to have hubby get the things I need from the store. Perhaps I can give the girls a April Showers Bring May Flowers tin on Wednesday for the first day of May

kewkew said... [Reply to comment]

I just love your umbrellas and the flower strawberries are so cute.

Treatntrick Treat and Trick said... [Reply to comment]

Your creation looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment...

Beth at Structure in an Unstructured Life said... [Reply to comment]

Love how you turned the muffin tin long-ways - a little change that makes it look completely different! And your strawberry flowers are too cute! Hope May is sunny and bright for you! :)

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