Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more puzzle lunches!

These are the lunches I packed yesterday.

Laptop Lunches - puzzle pieces for autism awareness month
In a Laptop Lunches box, Ethan had:
- strawberries & kiwi
- baby carrots
- crackers and cheddar cheese
- homemade granola bites 

The granola bites were baked in a puzzle-shape silicone pan. It worked great! 

Lock & Lock bento lunch with puzzle cheese and crackers, salami and grapes
Paige's lunch was packed in this 4 square Lock & Lock box:
- salami
- crackers
- grapes
- cheddar cheese

In both these bentos the cheese was cut with a Lunch Punch sandwich cutter to make the cute puzzle shape pieces.

These puzzle-y themed bentos are my nod to this month's look at Autism. 

From Amy:
"The autism rate is now 1 in 50. Autism is everywhere and is pervasive enough to affect all of us. 
Autism may be in our family (including ourselves!), our social network, our workplace, our casual contacts in public places. Wherever it is, we're likely to have contact with autistic people somewhere in our day, probably more than we think!
So, today, pay attention to the hundreds of people you interact with -- adults, children, online, offline, people you pass on the street or in line at a store -- and think about 1 in 50.
And have an awesome autism month."  :)

Supplies used to pack these lunches:

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