Friday, April 12, 2013

2 school lunches | cutie pie mini sandwich squares & puzzle pieces too

I am usually sharing "old" lunches on this blog. Meaning, I'm writing and posting about a lunch I packed yesterday, or the day before that, or even a couple weeks ago.  Depending on what's going on in real life, I don't usually have time to share same-day lunches. But when I do, I feel very on-the-ball and on top of things. These feelings don't arise very often for me ;) but today is one of my lucky days and these ARE the lunches from TODAY. Go me!

For Paige:
PlanetBox school lunch - square animal face sandwiches, cucumber slices, apple slices, organic gummy bears, puzzle piece crackers
Packed in a PlanetBox:
- organic apple slices
- cucumber circles
- homemade puzzle piece crackers (recipe post HERE)
- adorable sandwich squares with animal face impressions (made with this set)
- organic gummy bears 

The organic gummy bears are free of artificial dyes & flavors. They happen to also be gluten free, egg free, casein free, nut free, etc. Thankfully they are not flavor-free. :)  Due to some concerning issues that have crept up with Paigey Pie, we are in the process of weeding out artificial dyes. Finding some simple substitutions, like this tasty treat, is making the adventure less painful for both of us.

For Ethan:
Lunchbots bento for 5th grade boy - puzzle cheese for autism
Packed in a Lunchbots Quad, which is divided into 4 handy sections:
- wheat crackers
- turkey deli rolls and a thick piece of cheddar cheese, cut into a puzzle shape
- organic carrots
- organic apple slices and grapes

Not pictured: Ethan also had a side container full of roasted chickpeas. Crunchy roasted chickpeas have been a favorite snack of mine for a couple years. Ethan has been pretty leery of them until just recently - now he's obsessed. I couldn't be happier! They are full of protein and fiber - eat up, boy! :)

The puzzle shaped items in these lunches are to remind us of something. What was it again? Oh, yes! It's Autism Awareness Month! :)  Here is Amy to share another great message:

"There is a saying in the autism world: if you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism. What we call autism is actually a group of behaviors along a spectrum. While autistic people have many behaviors in common, no one autistic person will demonstrate them all or demonstrate them with the same intensity.
This was confusing to me when my son was diagnosed. I thought that because he didn't engage in some autistic behaviors (like banging his head or walking on his toes), he couldn't be autistic. But the important thing wasn't how he manifested the specifics, but how he showed overall difficulties with communication and social skills."
Supplies used to make these lunches:

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I have a red food dye allergy and Trader Joe's has a lot of dye-free treats. You can find jelly beans, lollipops, fruit chews and gummies without any artificial dyes.

Kim Vealey said... [Reply to comment]

Why wasn't this around when I was in school?!? Too stinkin' cute - I waaaant that kitty cat sandwich press thingie. Thanks for sharing - stopped by from Two Cup Tuesday :o)

Pint Sized Baker said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE cute Bento boxes! Wish my kid would appreciate the time it would take to make this for lunch. Pinned this! Thanks for sharing these on Two Cup Tuesday at Pint Sized Baker I hope to see ya again on Monday night!

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