Friday, March 8, 2013

Laptop Lunches & Goodbyn | 3 school lunches from this week

(Nearly) my whole troop of little lunchers are represented in this one post. Three lunches, one for each of my little bento eaters. Preschooler, Kindergartener, and 5th grader. (My other child, sweet 3rd grader Owen, is anti-bento.) 

Laptop Lunches fruit filled lunch with banana bread
Fruit-tastic Kindergarten lunch for today:
- thick slice of banana bread
- lots of cucumbers with hummus in the covered container (a leak-proof mini-dipper)
- pears (dipped in lemon juice to prevent browning)
- berry mix, strawberries & blueberries... and maybe a stray grape or two

This lunch is packed in a Laptop Lunches box (2.0 version). The lavender container with the banana bread comes with a lid, which I used to make sure crumbs wouldn't scatter around or make the rest of the food taste banana-bready.
5th grader school lunch pears, carrots, cheese, turkey, & crackers
5th grade lunch:
- carrots
- the other half of the pear, in a jumbo silicone cup
- cheddar cheese slices
- deli turkey
- mini saltine crackers
The deli turkey was in very small pieces, so I used those bento picks to hopefully help secure it in place a bit. The silicone cups the cheese and turkey are in are standard sized muffin cups, so they don't reach to the top of the container (unlike the jumbo cups), so things can shift a bit more with that empty space above them. Luckily, Ethan doesn't mind if his cheese and turkey mingle a little.
Laptop Lunches with frog face sandwich and mini muffins
And lastly, a lunch for my preschool boy, on a day I had to drag him all around town. He has turned into a bit of a pain when errand-running, but food is a great pacifier. ;)
- cucumber slices
- mix of strawberry, blueberries, and more stray grapes
- banana bread mini muffins
- crackers and a froggie face sandwich
- dried snap peas
This lunch is packed in Laptop Lunches box (original version). The froggie face sandwich is cut and stamped with the Cutezcute cutter set

I don't often give Tyler bento picks. He's still pretty young (will be 4 in May...though he acts more like a 2 year old) . But since I would be with him when he ate this food I put one in there to see how he'd handle it. At this age Paige would pull the picks out and throw them on the floor (she wanted nothing standing in her way to chowing down!), but Tyler treated it like a toy. That little froggie bento pick hopped all over the lunch box, leaving little tracks across all the food. ;)  Nothing too concerning, but it was definitely a distraction (not a bad thing in this case, considering we were running errands that would otherwise frustrate him). If he was having lunch at school I would omit the picks because there isn't (generally) a long time allowance to finish meals in a school setting.

Supplies used to make these lunches:

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