Thursday, March 21, 2013

lunches packed in a hurry, part 2.

The following lunches were all packed in a rush.  Maybe this can be Part Two of an ongoing series, lunches that were packed in a hurry. Lunches that I almost skipped taking a picture of, but did anyways, just for the sake of keeping it real. :)

Let's start with the worst first:
Gerber mealtime box - pizza lunch
This lunch is packed in a Gerber Mealtime Organizer.
- leftover pizza
- Goldfish crackers
- strawberries & blueberries

A lunch for Tyler on the occasion that my husband and I took the three big kids to see Oz and this littlest tike went to a babysitter.
Preschool lunch in a Boon Trunk box - berries, crackers, cucumbers, hummus, snap pea crisps
Packed in my beloved elephant box:
- a mess of strawberries
- snap pea crisps
- crackers
- cucumber "sticks"
- hummus in a leak-free mini dipper
- string cheese (hiding there next to the cucumbers)

Finally, a lunch of Paige's from earlier this week. Okay, looking at it now it doesn't look so bad. But I remember feeling panicked for time on this morning.

Laptop Lunches Kindergarten lunch with sandwich "ravioli", cucumbers & hummus, fruit

Packed in a Laptop Lunches box:
- strawberries & kiwi
- sandwich ravioli (made with the sandwich maker from this post) (these were already made  in my freezer stash and I just tossed them in the box)
- cucumber slices sandwiches with hummus
- animal crackers

Supplies used to pack these lunches:

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