Wednesday, March 20, 2013

two bento lunches for my little Kindergartener

We've had a second round of flu sweep through our house and Ethan has been out of school for a few days. Less time for blogging and I'm getting a bit of bento backlog I need to post!

These two lunches are both Paige's and both feature new supplies I picked up recently.

bear face smily sandwich, dry roasted chickpeas, kiwi & blueberries

This lunch is packed in an EasyLunchbox and contains:
- white cheddar corn puffs (from Trader Joe's) (similar to Pirate Booty)
- a bear face sealed sandwich
- dry roasted chickpeas
- blueberries and kiwi fruit slices, cut into flowers

The bear face sandwich sealer is a one piece gizmo. You just make your sandwich and then press this into the sandwich. Press hard. And it's done. Very straight forward. It's important to make sure your sandwich fillings are not in the way of the edge though, and that part can be tricky.  I was impressed with how well the face turned out. I think it could be even more clear with a smooth bread, but this bread is really seedy.

The sandwich is in a large square silicone cup, mostly to keep it propped up so he didn't drown under the corn puffs.

Another fun thing I got recently is this super cute monkey bento lunch box! I was instantly smitten. Truth be told, I really wanted the alligator, but Paige pleaded for the monkey.

Green Sprouts monkey face bento lunch box

It's a little on the smallish side. The lid snaps on easily with two buckles that are easily snap open and closed. Inside there is a little shallow tray with a divider which lift out to access the deeper bottom portion.

Green Sprouts animal bento box - Kindergarten lunch 
In the bottom portion of this monkey bento box there are two little sandwiches, cut and stamped with this cutter set to look like an elephant and lion. A standard sized silicone cup fits perfectly and holds roasted almonds.

The top tray section contains a Babybell cheese, organic mini peanut butter sandwich crackers, blueberries and our last strawberry.

I wasn't exactly sure this was enough food for Paige, so I included an organic yogurt cup along in her lunch bag. 

I like this box a lot. I think it's a really nice size for a preschooler's lunch, or any young child who is a light eater.  Paige is a robust eater and I suspect this cute box isn't going to be in rapid rotation for her school lunches, but will make a nice box for bigger snacks or on-the-go mini meal bentos (and I tend to make a lot of those on weekends and school breaks and summer vacation).

Supplies used to make these lunches:

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JDaniel4's Mom said... [Reply to comment]

You were able to fit so many wonderful things into the monkey box.

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Argh, that monkey lunchbox is too cute! I already bought the Boon elephant box after I saw that in one of your posts... and my twins are only 6 months old! Now I may have to get this monkey box too (the elephant one will be so sad alone otherwise, right?)... and make myself some lunches in it! (Did I say that? I totally meant I'm going to save it for once my girls are older!)

another said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, Katie! You'll never regret that elephant box! My only regret is that Boon didn't make it years ago! I adore it. :)

Jenn Christ said... [Reply to comment]

Oh so adorable! I am seriously in love with that bear pocket sandwich!

Meredith said... [Reply to comment]

So very cute!That would be a great snack box for my boys after swim lessons. I finally got the jumbo muffin cups for my Byntos. LOVE them. They have them at World Market now.

Kat - said... [Reply to comment]

how did you resist the matching monkey backpack lunchbag?

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Kat - I didn't even look at them! That makes it easy to resist!

Jennifer said... [Reply to comment]

I'd love to know what bags you're using for the kids to carry these boxes in. Is it the Easy LunchBox bags or have you been using something else!

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Jennifer! I use a few different lunch bags, especially for Paige, as she forgets her lunchbox at school or on the bus at least twice a week - so the backups come in handy! It depends a lot on what bento box I'm using. If it's a smaller box, like the money box, then I can use her Olive Kids lunchbox and still have room for her drink bottle. If I'm using a larger box, like an EasyLunchbox or Laptop Lunchbox, then I tend to use the EasyLunchboxes carry bag or the giant Go Green lunchbag, so that there is space for a drink. This post shows the lunch bags currently in rapid rotation: Lots of lunch bags on parade!

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