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cool tools | Hello Kitty sandwich (& cookie) bento cutters

This is a comparison of the various Hello Kitty bento and sandwich cutters available. If you are in the market for cutie pie Hello Kitty cutters, this may help you figure out which one is best suited for you!  

I think I have every size and shape of Hello Kitty cutters known to bentokind. I know I have every size and shape known to me! I acquired these over several years. I'm happy that I now have a few that I really love and will not be seeking any more to join this collection. Famous last words. :)  (but I really mean it this time!)

Hello Kitty sandwiches of all shapes and sizes!
Hello Kitty Sandwich & Cookie Cutter Comparison with finished sandwiches
And these are the cutters used to make each one:
Hello Kitty Sandwich & Cookie bento Cutter Size Comparison

1. Hello Kitty Pocket Sandwich maker
This one makes a Hello Kitty shaped sandwich with sealed edges. It does not cut any face detail or make facial impressions at all. The top piece of this sandwich maker has a stencil that is designed to allow you to sift cocoa powder onto the bread, leaving the Hello Kitty face on the surface. In my example above I used powdered sugar, which I didn't sift, so it's clumpy and uneven. In the past I have used fruit leather to make the Hello Kitty face with this sandwich maker which had really cute results (see here), but was tedious and time consuming to do. This sandwich maker is a 3 piece system and it's kind of tricky to use. In fact, it's been a long time since I used it last and it took me three tries to get it right this time.
This was my very first Hello Kitty cutter of any kind (and also my first sandwich sealer) and for a long time I really LOVED it. In fact, I loved it so much I kept it in my kitchen windowsill so I could see its cuteness on a daily basis (and eventually it became faded from the sun). However, in more recent years, more Hello Kitty cutters have come on the market that have won me over. And I've found other sandwich sealers that are much easier to use and give cleaner looking results. Also, because this is an older product it can be hard to find. I can only find it on ebay now.

2. Hello Kitty Sandwich Cutter Mold.
This one is almost exactly the same size as the first one (full size sandwich), but ever so much easier to use! Cut with the outer ring, then press with the cutter/stamp. Easy. Fast. You get all the cute Hello Kitty face and bow details set in the bread with one clean motion. It's just great. This is my first choice for a large Hello Kitty cutter.

3. Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters.
These work the same as #2 above. An outer cutting shape, and then an inner piece to stamp the face and bow details. Perfect, easy. I LOVE the size of these. This is the size I've been wanting to find for awhile and I couldn't be more pleased with these. The size I had in mind was "oreo sized", these are a tad bigger than that, but they are perfect. 

4. Hello Kitty sandwich cookie kit Cutter.
This cutter came from a Hello Kitty baking set kit. I bought this baking set just for the Hello Kitty cutter that came inside it. My purchase of this kit came before I found the Hello Kitty cutter set in #3, mentioned above. I was very focused on finding an "oreo sized" Hello Kitty cutter and since this baking kit made "sandwich cookies" I thought my chances were good that it would be the size I had in mind. This cutter is a little bigger than the #3 cookie cutter. The cutter that comes in this kit is just one piece, and has two sides. One side cuts the outer shape, while the reverse side (shown here) presses the face and bow detail. It's pretty straight forward and mostly easy, though getting the facial impressions on straight can be a little tricky (if you look closely, you'll see mine is a little crooked in the first photo).

5. Hello Kitty vegetable cutter.
This set is intended for cutting fruit and vegetables. The cutting piece and the piece that stamps the face/bow detail are quite a bit sharper than a regular cookie cutter, as it's meant to pierce through tough fruit and veggie skin. It works really well for bread too though! These are very little and make teeny tiny bite-size sandwiches. The little Hello Kitty face one is about the size of a quarter! For a long time I had misplaced two of the pieces to this set, the outer shape to one, and the inner piece to the other... thankfully they were found in a cabinet clean-out, and I'm looking forward to using these more often now. :)

Hello Kitty sandwich cutters:

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Melanie said... [Reply to comment]

perfect timing on this post as i have preschool snacks to make for my hello kitty loving birthday girl. :)

thanks, melissa!

Austin said... [Reply to comment]

my baby starts kindergarten in the fall and will start taking lunches to school...she LOVES Hello Kitty

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so happy to hear the Hello Kitty love is blooming in the newest generation of little girls. :) Cutest kitty ever!

Shannon Holz said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you so much for this review. I'd also like to add my little trick ... I use the Hello Kitty onigiri rice mold from allthingsforsale.com. It makes great little (Oreo-sized!!) sandwiches. Unfortunately, it does not impress any shapes on the sandwich. When I'm keeping things simple, I usually just use a HK bow pick or two heart-shaped sprinkles. I bought the mold on allthingsforsale.com, but don't see it there today.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Shannon, I have that little Hello Kitty onigiri rice mold too. It's disappointing the press doesn't have any face details on it though. It's the only onigiri press I have that doesn't have a design on the pressing piece.

Meaghan said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Melissa! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for fun food ideas on flickr, to share on my own blog. I'm a new blogger, and want to try to follow protocol, so here's a link to the post. :) Looking forward to joining you all for MTM soon!

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