Thursday, March 28, 2013

the monkey bento box needed a friend, you see...

When I first posted about our new monkey bento box I mentioned I had really wanted the alligator.  But I let Paige pick and she was very sure she preferred the monkey. And it turned out I really like the box a lot. But I kept thinking about that cute green gator. So, this happened. 

cute animal face bento boxes - Green Sprout monkey and alligator lunch box

And today they both got all packed up with little lunches. Despite being on Spring break. And despite being trapped at home with sniffles, sneezes and other sickie sufferings. Bentos are fun at home too.

two bento box lunches cute 2 tier boxes for young kids

I made Paige and Tyler almost the same exact lunch, with just a bit of a fruit switcheroo distinguishing one from the other. 

I thought it would be nice to put the red fruit in the green box, with green fruit in the red box.

Alligator face bento box lunch for preschooler

Tyler's green gator bento:
- strawberries and cucumber slices with hummus in the top tray
- two mini bite-sized sealed sandwiches of peanut butter and blackberry preserves
- veggie chips
- pumpkin seed kernels

Paige's monkey bento was the same, but with kiwi fruit.
Monkey Face bento box lunch with sandwich ravioli

And then when I gave them their little lunches Tyler said "I want kiwi too!" and Paige was all "where are my strawberries?" and so I grabbed a handful of each out of each bento and swapped, so the kids ended up having both fruits anyway. 

Supplies used to make these lunches:

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