Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Lunches for two | Laptop Lunch & PlanetBox Bee Mine!

The lovey heart-riddled lunches are an ongoing affair. For a couple more days anyway. :)

Paige's lunch: Bee Mine!

PlanetBox Bee Mine Valentines Day school lunch

Packed in our PlanetBox:
- a ham & cheese sandwich on multigrain, cut into a beehive and honeybee with a sandwich shaper
- row of cucumber slices across the top
- hummus in the PlanetBox Little Dipper pot
- pretzels
- strawberries & grapes, with a couple cute honeybee bento picks

I adore those little bee picks! I have a thing for honeybees, always have. It has everything to do with my name, Melissa, meaning honeybee (in Greek).

honeybee bee bento picks for Valentines Day

The sandwich was cut with this nifty sandwich shaper

Tovolo Beehive and bee sandwich shaper cutter box               

And if that wasn't fun enough, it came in this spiffy sandwich box, which I will happily put to use as a snack box and for packing small bentos. 

And another lunch, this one for Ethan:

          Laptop Lunches soft pretzel school lunch with kiwi strawberry hearts and spork

His lunch is packed in a Laptop Lunches box:
- soft pretzel, cut into pieces to fit in that section
- turkey roll-ups topped with cheddar cheese hearts
- baby carrots
- strawberries and kiwi fruit
His awesome stainless spork is tucked in the side area.

Next up: more Valentine lunches. Wheee!

Supplies used to pack these lunches:

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