Thursday, February 28, 2013

quick tip | an easy way to slice olives quickly

Most recipes and dish preparations require sliced olives, rather than whole. But whole olives are a better value than purchasing olives presliced. What's a gal to do? Stand at the kitchen counter and slice olives one by one? Such a tedious chore!

Not anymore!

Last fall when I was visiting friends and family in California, I had the pleasure of hanging with one of my best girls while she prepped dinner for her family. I was a little puzzled what an egg slicer had to do with preparing taco fixings, until I watched her slice a handful of olives in one fell swoop. 

an easy way to slice olives quickly

Brilliant! I told her then that the world needed to know about this. 

World, slice olives with your egg slicer! It's super fast. Easy. Painless. Your kids can do it!

This tip was one of handful of ideas and recipes I had the joy of sharing at the Glad Mom Made site where I was happy to be the highlighted blogger for the month of January. :)

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