Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boon Trunk Snack Box lunches & carry bag ideas

This is a follow-up post to yesterday's introduction of this cute new elephant lunch box. 
Boon Elephant Trunk Snack Box lunch collage

A couple more lunches we have enjoyed packing in this fun lunch box:

Pizza Lunch in the Boon Trunk Elephant Snack Box
- pizza
- plum
- pickle
- pretzels
How is that for a plethora of "P" foods? How appropriate this was eaten by Paige. :)

Boone Elephant box veggie and crepe preschool lunch
- crepes (peanut butter & honey inside)
- fishie crackers
- dried snap peas
- cucumer slices and bell pepper pieces
This was the first time Tyler has had bell pepper, I think. He wasn't too sure if he liked it or not. He ate two of the 4 pieces. The dried snap peas however, he totally devours those things. 

Boon Trunk Snack Box elephant preschool lunch with hummus sandwich and cute cheddar cheese
- cucumber & bell pepper pieces
- fishie crackers
- olives
- hummus on multigrain sandwich
- cheddar cheese, cut with cute animal mini cookie cutter
Second time Tyler had bell pepper. He took one bite of one piece. I'm backing off the the bell pepper for now and will try again in a few weeks. 

In yesterday's post I mentioned I'd be back to show how the Boon Trunk Snack box fits in a variety of lunch box carry bags, and here is that rundown.

In a PlanetBox carry bag:
Boon Snack Box in a PlanetBox lunch bag
Fits perfectly. Not cramped or squished at all.

In a Go Green Lunch Box carry bag:
Boon Trunk Snack Box in a big Go Green Lunch Box carry bag
The Go Green lunch box is huge, so no surprise that it fits in here with room to spare. I can almost get that Thermos FunTainer drink bottle to fit in beside it. It's really squeezy with it smushed in, but can be done. It stresses the zipper a lot though, so it's not something I'm advocating.

The Boon Trunk Snack Box in a Goodbyn carry bag:
Boon Trunk Snack Box fits in Goodbyn carry lunch box bag
The elephant box fits fine inside the Goodbyn bag, but it takes some wiggling to get it past the zipper (which is the case for a lot of bento boxes we pack in this lunch box). Once you get past the tight-opening that the zipper causes it fits great inside.

The Trunk Snack box in an Olive Kids lunchbox:
Boon elephant snack box in a Olive Kids lunchbox
It is a bit of a tight squeeze, but not difficult to fit the Boon Elephant Box in here. The Olive Kids lunchboxes are not big at all... really, just your average-sized normal lunchbox. 

Zipped up in the Olive Kids lunch box:
Boon Snack box zipped up in an Olive Kids lunchbox
It's a little tricky to zip it up in this one, but it's not hard. I don't think it is stressing the zipper too much.

And finally, the elephant lunchbox inside an EasyLunchboxes cooler carry bag:
Boon elephant snack box in an EasyLunchboxes cooler bag
It may not look like it, but it fits in here easily. It sits at a slight angle, but there is plenty of room to spare to add in a drink container or additional snack box and ice pack. 

The elephant box, all zipped up:
Boon snack trunk box zipped in an EasyLunchboxes bag
Look at that. You'd never guess this EasyLunchbox bag was packing a pachyderm. ;)

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