Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Star Wars lunches | R2D2, C3PO, & Chewy

New Star Wars cookie cutters!  I saw the other day that Williams-Sonoma had introduced another set of Star Wars cookie cutters and I ordered them straight away. 
This one is the best yet, I think. The Star Wars Droids & Aliens Cookie Cutter Set  features a Jawa, Chewbacca, C3PO, and...R2D2!! Hello awesome!

The set had just arrived and Paige was checking them out. "Oh! It's R2D2! And his gold robot friend who is always by his side."  I thought that was such a cute description of the droid friendship. ;)  And I was a bit proud my little five year old daughter remembered the main droids name. Three brothers and all, you know. 

When it came to lunch today Paige picked a different character though. This was our conversation...
Paige: mama, can I have a Star Wars lunch with the new shapes?
Me: yep! which one do you want?
Paige: the Hairy Man.
Me: *busting out laughing*
Paige, trying to be taken seriously: You know, the Bigfoot Guy?
Me: *gasping for air*

I guess her brothers still have a thing or two to teach her. :)

Lunchbots Star Wars bento Chewbacca Wookie lunch

Packed in a Lunchbots Trio box:
- homemade rosemary bread, cut and stamped with the Chewbacca cookie cutter
- salami slices and cheddar cheese stars
- strawberries and grapes

Ethan had a Star Wars lunch too. It's been a really long time since I've packed one for him. The Star Wars cutters just don't look as awesome when used on cheese. Cheddar Yodacheesy battleships, and grilled cheese Vadar just don't do it for me.  But thanks to Ethan's obsession with rosemary bread, we finally get regular ole bready Star Wars guys. YAY.

Star Wars PlanetBox lunch R2D2 C3PO bento

Packed in a PlanetBox:
- Rosemary bread "sandwiches" (extra virgin olive oil and red pepper flakes in the middle) shaped like R2D2 and his gold robot friend
- strawberries and grapes, with fun light saber pick
- peppered turkey and cheddar cheese cars
- carrots
- small bit of yummy peppermint dark chocolate

I will admit, I could use some Star Wars schooling too. Actually, I was schooled by my 11 year old when I referred to the 4th shape (not used in these lunches) as an Ewok. Ethan quickly informed me it was a Jawa. I argued with him up until he uttered the words "I'll bet you a Lego set!". After referring back to the package and reading the fine print, it turns out he was correct. Whatever. 

Supplies used to pack these galactic lunches:

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