Friday, January 18, 2013

Laptop Lunches | two bentos

One of the things I'm doing to try to make the mornings easier in the lunch making arena is to use the same container for each kid. 

Today it was Laptop Lunches boxes.

Ethan's, in the dapper black & olive Laptop Lunches box:
Rosemary bread Laptop Lunches bento

This lunch consists of:
- peppered turkey rolls, secured with cute bento picks
- organic baby carrots
- homemade rosemary bread, topped with extra virgin olive oil, fresh pepper & red pepper flakes (that's exactly how he loves it)
- raspberries

Those cute bento picks are some of my most favorite ones. They are little animals with their mouths open, it's like they are eating the food themselves.
turkey rolls with bento picks

Paige's bento, in a splendid pink Laptop Lunches box:
piggie in a Laptop Lunches bento

Her lunch contains:
- pirate bootie
- salami & cream cheese (a horrid concoction her father has her hooked on)
- peanut butter & jelly sandwich on multigrain, cut and stamped with a piggie face
- raspberries

The bread I usually buy is a big sized loaf, and the piggie face didn't use up quite enough of the bread. The remaining part of the sandwich that was left behind from the cutter is tucked under the cute piggie one (you might see a piece of it poking out the side under it). 

Supplies used in the making of these lunches:

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