Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 things.

I could easily fill my list of five things I'm grateful for by ticking off the names in my home: Robert, Ethan, Owen, Paige, and Tyler. That would be true, and good, but also totally predictable. ;)

I could say I am thankful for my health, but that would be rather tongue-in-cheek, as I'm dealing with the flu/unknown crazy virus/plague from Mars and have felt worse than horrendous this week.

I could say I am thankful for food and shelter. And I am. Very.

For my 5 things I am reaching beyond the obvious and listing things that simply make me happy and appreciative. They are not monumental, thought-provoking, or awe-inspiring. Simply 5 little things I'm thankful for. :)

1. This blog. 
I started this blog on a lark. I just wanted a place to share cute bento lunches, bento supplies, and cute food techniques. That's it. In the beginning I had a handful of friends who read it and that was it. And that was wonderful! No one was more shocked than me when it started to grow an audience and get around. I'm still baffled by how that happened.  My commitment, interest, and time invested in the blog shifts like the tides. I go through long periods where I'm just not that interested in blogging about lunch. And then I will suddenly be overjoyed to do it again. It's nice to have this outlet available when I am feeling creative. Even if I get frustrated that it is such a narrow platform for creative sharing.  I do like to do other crafty, fun, artistic things, besides forcing food to look cute in small containers.

2. Starbucks.
I love sweet froofroo coffees and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)  Starbucks gets such a bad rap, as if they are the Walmart of coffee shops. But I appreciate (and count on!) those little beacons of espresso delight that dot our landscape in a predictable little pattern through our towns and airports.  Like a good neighbor, Starbucks is there.

3. Warm weather.
Winter is my antagonist. I mean, really, look at how it greeted me this year. With a horrible flu/crazy virus/galactic plague and 105 temperature. We are not amigas. I hate jeans, I loathe wearing real shoes, long sleeves make me feel like I'm all tangled up, blah.
Ah, but warm weather! Shorts, skirts, short sleeved tops, flip-flops and cute sandals, colorful toenails that see the light of day! That's the good stuff.  You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl. 

4. Modern Day appliances.
Dishwasher. Washing machine and dryer. Air conditioning. Refrigerator. Vacuum. Waffle iron.
It really wasn't all that long these things were not commonplace. My grandmother raised her sons without any of these comforts. My father remembers ice block delivery!  I can not imagine raising a family without these conveniences. 

5. Photos.
I'm not a great photographer and I am okay with that. The photos I take of our lives bring me so much happiness and joy, just the same. I am very thankful for how easy it is these days, with digital photography, to take a lot of photos and to print the photos as you choose. It's like magic! 

So there are 5 fairly frivolous things I'm thankful for.  How would you fill your 5 things today?

Thanksgiving turkey snack

Hoping everyone has a very great weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Emily Peck said... [Reply to comment]

YAY! All wonderful things to be thankful for...I enjoy reading your blog so thank you for doing it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cristi ~ Candy Girl said... [Reply to comment]

What a cute apple turkey! I'm thankful for your blog too, you were one of my inspirations to give fun bento lunches a try and I love both bento & blogging, so thank you!

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