Tuesday, September 18, 2012

school lunches in a hurry!

The theme of these two lunches was "hurry up!".

The first was Paige's lunch on Friday. We actually arrived home from Disney World at around 2am Friday morning. We hadn't planned for the kids to go to school this day since we expected them to be exhausted and zombied out on the couch all day (goodness knows that's how I felt!). But by 9am it was evident they were no worse for wear and were wanting to do things like play hide n' seek and go ride bikes. So off to school we sent them. They were a bit late, but a tardy was better than another absence.

Anywho, this was Paige's lunch. I grabbed the PlanetBox since it was already out and just tossed some stuff in it. There's really no rhyme or reason to its contents. It was just rushed.

PB rushed lunch open

First I went to slap together a pb&j sandwich, but discovered we were out of bread. We did, however, have tortillas. So I made a pb&j roll-up instead. That is in the long top section. 

Since she already had the "sandwich" part of the lunch taken care, and because I had a giant jar of applesauce on the counter from making Owen's lunch (applesauce for him every.single.day), I filled the big section with applesauce. This is in the leakproof PlanetBox Big Dipper container, which fits perfectly inside. There are a few dashes of cinnamon on top.

The sides contain a few donut holes that were brought home from our last meal at Disney, they are "dino-bites" (I think) from the dessert menu at the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. The take-out box was on the counter, so in the PlanetBox they went.  Next I grabbed some Goldfish crackers and in the middle are some of my husbands driving snacks, cocoa covered almonds.

Here's the lunch with the Big Dipper lid in place. 
               rushed PB lunch

When this lunch came home I was shocked (shocked!) to find that Paige had eaten only half of the pb&j roll-up and the almonds and nothing else. She usually eats every last crumb. But she did end up eating most of the rest while doing her homework before dinner.

Yesterday's lunch was pretty rushed too. It was a Monday morning.  
And I'm in the throws of a Disney Detox. It was rough. ;-)

             Mickey Applesauce Laptop Lunches

In the top left section is a leftover cup of unsweetened applesauce from Disney. We accumulated quite a few of these. They came as a side with a lot of the kid meals at Disney and a lot didn't get eaten right away.

The bottom left is a rushed peanut butter & jelly sandwich (I didn't even cut it in half evenly, look how lopsided it is!), topped with two pieces of cheddar cheese cut with a small heart-shaped cookie cutter.

The sides are raspberries & grapes and fishie crackers.

This lunch came home empty. That's more like it! :)

Supplies used to make these lunches:

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