Monday, September 17, 2012

Laptop Lunches bento - with super cute cheese cars

This is one of Tyler's lunches from a couple weeks ago. I think I am the queen of packing and photographing lunches and then forgetting to share them. Every time I go through my picture files to clean things up I find lunches that I forgot about! 
At least it's not the actual lunches that are forgotten...that would get really icky and smelly. 


Packed in one of our original Laptop Lunches boxes:
- half sandwich of sunflower butter and fruit preserves
- two pieces of cheddar cheese, cut and "stamped" with a cute car shape
- cucumber chunks
- cantalope and grapes
- pretzels and granola chips

I used the green silicone cup to create an additional section within one of the inner boxes. 

The cute cars were cut and stamped using one of the pieces from the same vehicle cutter set I used to make Paige's school buses for her first day of Kindergarten bento, (or her second day. Sob! Whatever). LOVE these. One of my favorite bento supplies/tools these days. Tyler is totally into cars and trucks and such, and he is at a really cute age where he is totally excited to see his food fancied up,  so I've really been enjoying using these for him. 

I've mentioned a few times recently that I use Olive Kids lunchboxes when Paige or Tyler take a Laptop Lunches box out. They fit really well inside, not too tight, but nice and snug. 

                       Laptop Lunches inside Lunch box

A thin ice pack can slide into the mesh pocket. 

(This ice pack has one of Paige's Mabel's Labels Sticky Labels on it... when it comes to ice packs and snack boxes, they all have a name label on them, but I don't worry if it's not the "right" name. Just about everyone who is around my kids knows they come from a tribe of siblings and everything always finds its way back home. Tyler's name labels (with the turtle on them) are from Kiddo Tags.) 

            Tylers Lunchbox

The only downside to these lunch boxes, in my opinion, is that there isn't room to put a Thermos FunTainer drink bottle in it. So usually I end up either putting a drink box inside the Laptop Lunches box itself (as shown in this Purple Day lunch), or depending on how wide the box is, sometimes I just stick it in that exterior zip pocket on the front. It doesn't zip closed, but it works.

Supplies used in the packing of this lunch:

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Meredith said... [Reply to comment]

I ended up buying that set of cutters and the elephant, rabbit, bear and I LOVE them...just the right size and so very cute. Thanks again for sharing.

another said... [Reply to comment]

They are the cutest! My collection of supplies is ridiculous, but those two sets are at the top of my favorites list! So glad you like them too! :)

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said... [Reply to comment]

Love the cheese cars! So cute!

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