Wednesday, August 15, 2012

snack bento: Hello Kitty box

Just a quick little bento snack for my Hello Kitty loving girl. :)


Packed in a small Hello Kitty shaped box:
- clementine orange (Paige spied these in the produce section and begged for them)
- grapes
- Goldfish pretzels
- a piece of cheddar cheese

A few random tidbits:

- This box comes with an inner box that divides the container in half, but I removed it to use a silicone cup instead. The bendy silicone worked better with the fruits I packed on one side.

- The cheese was cut and stamped using a Hello Kitty veggie cutter.

- I've labeled this box (and all other bentos, lunch boxes, drink containers, etc.) with a Mabel's Labels. People ask me often if we lose containers and short answer is no. The long answer is that I credit these labels, all the kids have them, and I've used them for years, since the very first child trotted off to preschool six years ago.

- The lid of this box is just too cute to not also picture. :)


Supplies used in this bento:

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