Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bento update: summer craziness

Geez Loueez. I can't believe it's already July, not to mention, July is half over. Summer is usually a relaxed time for us, but this year we have been cah-raZy!  Hence, the lack of posting.

I have managed to snap a couple of lunch pictures here and there.  Nothing to write home about, or rather, blog about, but to prove my children are not being starved during these dog days, here's a peek at what's been happening. :)

A couple super quick and easy lunches in Lock and Lock "4 square" boxes:
Lock and Lock quick lunches
These were identical meals containing:
- a blueberry bagel thin with organic cream cheese, cut in quarters (each box had two sections)
- a couple yummy organic strawberries
- pretzels
- cucumber slices

Snacks on a pool-bound afternoon:
- blue box: Goldfish crackers and organic strawberries (Ethan's)
- pink box: Goldfish crackers and blueberries (Paige's)
These boxes are from a company called Sistema Klip-It. I found these at Old Navy of all places! :)

And some easy peasy Laptop Lunches for my two littlest tikes:


- peanut butter and fruit preserve half sandwich on multigrain
- cucumber slices with hummus (sandwiched between the slices)
- Pirate Booty
- I removed one box to make space for a juice box and Babybell cheese

And Paige's:
- the other half of the peanut butter and fruit preserve sandwich
- same cucumber and hummus bites
- Pirate Booty
- Lemonade box with Babybell cheese

Both of their sandwiches are topped with organic fruit leather than I cut using cute bento cutters. Tyler's is supposed to be a firetruck, but the fruit leather was really too firm for the details to show through. So he ended up with more of a funky rectangle.... Paige's cute bear face worked well, but there isn't much contrast between the dark fruit leather and the dark bread for it to show very well in the photo. 

I can't tell you how excited I'll be to be posting lunches one a regular schedule! Once the kids are in school I should have a nice routine again. Paige will be in Kindergarten this year,  full-day here, so that will be an extra daily lunch.  Be excited! :p

Hope everyone is having a super summer!!!

(the top two photos are pulled from my Instagram feed, that's why they look a little goofy. I'm Invisimom on Instagram, I don't often post foody photos, mostly kid and what-I'm-up-to daily random stuff, but I'm happy to have more Insta-friends!. I'm madly in love with that app!) 

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