Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Holy moly it's May! Bento supply giveaway, part 2

Good golly, it's May! Knock me over with a chopstick.

Continuing on my spring cleaning spree, I've got more bento goodies to give away. Yay!

Let's get this party started with some cute egg molds!

And keep it rolling with some fun mini silicone cups!

Every bento-maker needs some cute animal picks!

And how about some matching tiny sauce bottles? 

Mini cutters are my favorite and my best!

You certainly don't need these to bento (seriously don't have any idea where/why/how I have these - but they are cute! Mini erasers. Awwww.

But you certainly DO need a box to bento, and the winner of this giveaway will get to pick one of the following ornigiri boxes! These are little, fun for a snack. They have two sections. One sealed area nice for fruit and then I always thought the top section would be prefect for a granola bite or two. :)

Woo to the hoo for bento goodies!

Same dealio as before! To enter this giveaway you need to leave a comment. One comment per person. Please provide an email if your name isn't clickable so I can contact you! 
I'm not going to limit this to only US peeps because I just felt bad about that all last week. So any and all bento peeps can enter. :) 

This will run for a week, I'll end comments Wednesday evening, May 9, 2012. Unless I fall asleep early and then I'll close it Thursday morning. That is entirely possible. *yawn*

Good luck!

If you entered last week's bento giveaway and are a-wonderin' if you are the winner, go check out the post. I announced the winner at the bottom of that post. :)

If you are a-wonderin' where these cute bento things came from, I bought them from bento shops. And then hoarded them away like a crazy hoarder. Most items were purchased from this shop and this shop too

Disclaimer: I was not paid or perked to write this post or give away my stuff. Just cleaning house, folks. :)

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