Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Howdy! How about a giveaway of bento goodies?!!

Hi all!

I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning here. A big part of that process has been parting with stuff I have been hoarding. Some of the stuff I've been hoarding is bento and lunch making stuff. I'm planning to divvy it up into multiple lots to give away on the blog. :) 

Here's the first batch. Starting with my favorite bento picks of all time. They may be an oldie (old as in style, still brand spankin' new in the package!) - loooove those giraffe forks!

animal lunch picks bento

Then we've got some more picks. Admittedly, these are not my favorite. Some of them look a little x-rated, if you look at them the wrong way. Or maybe it's just me. I do love the tree trunk one though. :)

bento picks

How about some cute sauce cups?

sauce cups

And the best bento dividers ever? These are silicone grass baran. They are another favorite.

silicone dividers

This pack of amazing mini bento cutters are my favoritest ones. Do you sense a pattern here? Once I found a favorite I would buy extras and squirrel them away in case something happened to my originals. How hoarderish is that? Must. Stop. The. Insanity.

mini bento cutters

And finally, this really cute two-tier bento box. It has Russian nesting dolls on the top. And some lovely words in a secret language. At least I like to think they are lovely words. Being that it's in a secret language, I can't really tell. It's cute though and it also comes with a bento belt to secure it all together.

russian doll bento box

So that's the first batch of bento goodies for this giveaway popapalooza. I had wanted to do this for World Autism Awareness Day, which was April 2. But i couldn't get my act together. It *is* still April though, and that's Autism Awareness Month, so I didn't miss the boat completely. I got a leg in the canoe at the very least.

bento giveaway

leave a comment! That's all you have to do! Couldn't be simpler, really! :)

Just one comment per person, please!

Since I am footing the bill for shipping, this is only available to US peeps. Sorry to the rest of the bento peeps. I'm in a penny-pinching sort of way at the moment. Though if you are out of the US and still really want to enter you can if you pay for the shipping. That makes me sound like a miser, and I'm sorry. Four kids, one income. The math is scary.

This giveaway will run for one week, to end next Wednesday, May 2. Holy cow.  I can't believe it's going to be May so soon.

Note: These goodies were purchased by me, myself, and I. Mostly from this bento shop.

disclaimer: these items were bought by me. I was not paid to claim they are my favorite or endorsed to say they are cute. Promise.

****Note added 5/2/12 - comments are now closed. Thank you!****

Drumroll, please! The winner is.....

Screen shot 2012-05-02 at 2.09.18 PM.png
Congratulations, FoodieChickie! I'll contact you to send you your bento loot! :)

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