Tuesday, December 20, 2011

lock & lock bentos: a couple holiday lunches

Here are a couple of Ethan's recent holiday bentos. :)
Lunch from Friday, I think. 
- Wheat Thins crackers
-  grapes
- homemade granola bites (with holly sprinkles) in mini silicone cups
- turkey and cheddar cheese

I added some fun Christmas sprinkles to the granola bites to spruce them up a bit, and the cheddar cheese is cut into gingerbread man shapes with a mini cutter (from this set).

Today is our last day of school before Winter Break! Yay! Although the kids get out early, at noon, and there is no lunch period, being that Ethan's lunch time is usually at 10:30am he has a lunch-sized snack for today. He'd come home famished otherwise. :)

- sliced kiwi fruit
- organic baby carrots
- homemade granola bites (with candy cane sprinkles) mini silicone baking cups
- Goldfish crackers, holiday mix

Both these bentos are packed in a "4 square" Lock & Lock box.

Happy holidays, everyone!! :)

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