Friday, December 9, 2011

Bento lunches: Christmas twins

These two lunches were for my two littlest kids earlier this week. It was a big day. The day I finally got my booty Christmas shopping! I was starting to have panic attacks that I wasn't ready at all.  And now I've only got the stocking stuffs to go. Whew!

Anywho, these were the lunches I packed for Paige and Tyler, who went to the babysitting place while I stimulated the local economy.

Tyler's lunch:
gingerbread snowflake bento

Paige's lunch:
gingerbread snowflake sandwich bento girl

They are exactly the same! So much easier to pack lunches quickly that way.
Packed in Sassy boxes, they both have:
- mixed fruit: clementines, strawberries, blueberries
- pretzels
- sandwiches

I love how the sandwiches turned out! I used ice cream sandwich molds to make them. So easy! To add just a little extra touch I used a tiny diamond-like mini cutter to take out the center of the snowflake.

double bentos

Twin Christmas bentos. Aw.

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charsiubau (Bento-Mania) said... [Reply to comment]

The little sandwiches are so cute!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said... [Reply to comment]

The sandwiches are so so cute!!! What a fun way to make a holiday lunch :D

mbug said... [Reply to comment]

ok this might be a really silly question, but here it goes. i do not currently have the ice cream sandwich molds, but it has been sitting in my wishlist for some time. i might have to purchase them now since you've created so many cute things with them. question do you make the sandwiches with them? everything you make looks absolutely adorable and equally perfect hehe.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Hi mbug!

To make the sandwiches, first I use the outer shape piece to cut the shape from a slice of bread, just like you would do with a cookie cutter. With the bread still in the shape I press the plunger piece into the mold and press down hard. It leaves a perfect impression of the design into the bread. It's really easy! :)

mbug said... [Reply to comment]

thnx so much Melissa! as always love your lunches.

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