Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beary Christmas and snowmallows lunch

We are on Winter Break from school, but we are still on the go (sigh!) and needing to eat. :)   Today we have haircuts (got to look our best for Santa tomorrow!) and last minute errands to run.

Paige's little snacky lunch for today. 

mixed Christmas bento lunch

She has a mishmash of holiday fun foods:
- grapes
- Goldfish crackers, holiday edition
- marshmallow snowmen (and snowgirl)
- deli rolls (turkey bologna and provolone)
- cucumber slices
- hard boiled egg

The marshmallows are lined up on cute bento picks to look like snowmen. :) I used my food safe markers to dot on some faces and buttons. My red marker has seen better days and their mouths look wonky as a result!

shaped egg using rice mold

The hard boiled egg is molded in a bear shape. But I didn't use the usual bear-shaped egg mold, I used an onigiri (shaped rice) mold. It is part of a 3-piece set set a sweet friend surprised me with a while back. :)   I actually can't hardly cook rice to save my life (I'm a disgrace to real bento makers worldwide!), so I repurposed it to shape eggs. :)  The bear has a little holly decoration on one ear nub, I drew on using my favorite food safe markers.

The process was the same as using a regular egg mold (see tutorial on how to make shaped eggs here), but I had to use a smaller egg and hold the pieces of the rice mold closed with rubber bands since rice molds don't clip closed.

Paige's little Beary Christmas holiday bento is packed in our leaflet tight bento box. . :)


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The Bishop Family said... [Reply to comment]

I am in love with the snowmen! What an awesome bento. I featured you today on my blog:

Thank you for inspiring me!

Foodie Mama said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my gosh - I LOVE the shaped eggs! My son's gonna freak when he gets these in his lunch. :-)

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