Monday, December 12, 2011

another Lego bento box lunch

Ethan insisted he take his new Lego bento to school today. He was absolutely giddy over it. When you can get a 10-year-old boy giddy over something like a lunch, well, you know it's something special.  I had debated holding on to the new Lego bento until Christmas, but I'm kinda glad I didn't now because the poor kid might have just exploded if he had to wait all of winter break to take it to school to show off.  This morning while eating breakfast he kept opening his lunchbox to peek inside, just to grin at the giant Lego brick and say "it's so cool!". Ha! :)

Today's Lego lunch:
Lego in a Lego bento

- a row of Wheat Thin crackers
- a mini Lego container of sunflower kernels
- turkey rolls on homemade Lego bento picks
- strawberries in a jumbo-sized silicone cup

As far as I can tell these Lego food containers come in two sizes, large (which is what our big blue bento box is) and then small, which is really pretty mini (which is what the green inner Lego container is).

For some size comparisons, I took this picture.
Lego size comparison

So the big blue one is the main bento box, which fits nicely in Ethan's regular Pottery Barn retro lunchbox (seen here), then the mini Lego container is only like 4" long, this red one is the same as the green one that I packed inside today's bento (seen above). Lastly, I placed a regular old "real" Lego just so you can see the size differences.

Most of the Lego boxes at The Container Store are toy boxes and storage boxes and some of them are really big! If you order make sure you check measurements, and the description should state if it's suitable for food (and the ones that are will also say it's dishwasher safe). Also, if the photo shows it full of Legos, then it's probably meant (and sized!) for storage. :)

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

omg.. my son would love a lego bento box lunch.. where did you get the lego picks?

Jamie said... [Reply to comment]


Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, Jamie!

Anonymous - in yesterday's Lego lunch post I mentioned that I made the Lego bento picks. :)

Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm said... [Reply to comment]

Really cute! How nice to have him so excited about his lunch too. :)

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said... [Reply to comment]

Eeep! I love these boxes so much!! And the little picks are over the top! :D I can see why Ethan was so excited!

Becky A. said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE the lego box...just ordered 2 of them for my almost 10 yr. old and 5 yr. old boys. I definitely WON'T be able to wait until Christmas, we will be using them right away, I'm sure. And I can't wait to make some picks, too. SO cute!

Mrs. Ed said... [Reply to comment]

How cool!! My son loves legos. I love that there is a smaller container.

lego sorting box said... [Reply to comment]

What great storage ideas! There are a lot of lego loving kids in our family, so I'm going to have to share these ideas.

lego sorting box said... [Reply to comment]

What great storage ideas! There are a lot of lego loving kids in our family, so I'm going to have to share these idea

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