Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(two times the) Laptop Lunches fun

My computer has been resurrected. Hip, hip, hooray!

The culprit was a Windows update that had just been done prior. Apparently there are tons of Windows users who have had massive computer crashes following this latest update. "The Black Screen of Death" they call it. Be warned!  I am hugely disgruntled over that whole thing - mega zillion dollar company's booboo causing mayhem for all its peon you think they will do anything to make their error right? Ha, yeah, me neither. *grumble grumble* 

On to some fun stuff. Two Laptop Lunches for my two littles. These were from a week or so ago...right before aforementioned computer distress.

A bit of fun news, we found our missing pink Laptop Lunches box! I had hidden it from myself on top of the kitchen cabinets. My search up there turned up all sorts of treasures I had forgotten about. Like stocking stuffers that never made it out of Christmas last year.  Oh well, 'tis the season (again) after all!
Laptop Lunches Bento

Paige's Laptop Lunch contained:
- two homemade granola bites and a mini container of sunflower kernels
- strawberries with cute lion pick (open up and say "ahh!")
- golfish crackers
- banana and peanut butter soft tacos (with raisins, too)

The banana/raisin/peanut butter tacos are in the container that comes with it's own sealing lid, ensureing that the rest of the food doesn't absorb the banana scent & flavor, which can be a problem with cut bananas in a bento box.

Laptop Lunches Bento

Tyler had almost the same lunch.
He had blackberries instead of strawberries (and no pick because I'm not about to give that crazy two-year-old a sharp stick), and I rolled his tortillas to be more of a wrap than a taco. This made them easier to hold and stuff in his mouth. :)

Laptop Lunches banana rolls

I ordered the little cases for sunflower kernels and the matching picks from ATFS.  Hmm, speaking of stocking stuffers.... :)
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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Do you have any lunch bag recommendations? I have the laptop lunch box for both kids and we love them. However, I just purchased a Lunchbots thermal container for soups, etc. and it will not work at all with the laptop bag/carrier. I'm looking for something that would work with the laptop as well as with the thermal container. Thanks! Tanya

heather said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE the taco idea! I'm using that soon

Giggly Girls said... [Reply to comment]

Cute!! My daughter would go nuts for a pb taco.

Bummer on the computer mess. Haven't have had any of those issues since we switched to macs. Woot!

Summer said... [Reply to comment]

These lunches are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

How do you keep the goldfish crackers from getting squishy from the moistness of the other food? Is moistness even a word? lol

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I don't actually have a lunchbag recommendation! I've been using a small canvas tote for when we use the Laptop Lunches, but that's not ideal for school. I've been actively looking for a suitable lunchbox for LL for awhile. I know the Crocodile Creek lunchboxes would work (see here)-

And based on the measurements, Olive Kids should fit. I absolutely adore the mermaid one, though it would be more practical for me to get a gender neutral one. Dilemma!

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Giggly Girls, I am sooo going Mac and not looking back! My husband scored a desktop for a song, but it needs a little TLC to get up and running. Should work out really well, though! Meanwhile, I will be saving my pennies so that when this laptop of mine bites the dust for good I'll be able to get an apple laptop.

Anonymous - we don't have soggy cracker issues. That used to be a problem back when I tried packing lunch the night before (back when my oldest was in Kindergarten), so I just pack in the morning now and everything is still nice and fresh at lunchtime. :) Sometimes if the lunch gets too cold it can cause condensation to form in the container that can lead to damp crackers - maybe that's something to consider?

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said... [Reply to comment]

Haha, my mom was always notorious for forgetting to put out all of the stocking stuffers. In the summer she would be looking for something and pull out goodies! :D

I love the idea of the peanut butter banana tacos! I need to try these out and see if Kidlet will like :D

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