Wednesday, November 23, 2011

turkey snack & Lunch Punch giveaway winners!

Hey guys!  

I am so sorry for the delay in announcing the winners of the Lunch Punch giveaway! If you are a liker of the Another Lunch Facebook Page you might have seen the update I made the other day that my computer died. 

It is still dead. 

I'm not sure it can be resuscitated at all (sob!), but I finally found the charger for my old laptop so I could post. Half the keys are missing from the keyboard (the work of a baby Tyler...blazing the trail of trouble he still heaves today! Ha!!), so you can imagine how pleasant it is to type on. ;-)

Due to the continuing difficulty I don't have the spiffy little Photoshopped screenshots to do for the winning comment numbers. But, because of this delay, I am giving away a 3rd Lunch Punch Sweet Set - three winners! 

Three cheers to the following three lucky commenters...

comment #50, Karen! Congrats!!

comment #142, Leslie! Yay you!!

comment #17, SandyW! Woot!

Thank you to everyone who entered! 

The Lunch Punch Sweet sets are currently available for sale right here, at Amazon and some other online retailers, too.  Lunch Punch is now also being sold by Pottery Barn Kids! Lahdeedah and ooh la la! I am SO happy for Lunch Punch's success. It couldn't happen to a nicer company/person (I'm lookin' at you, Kiersten!). :)

And lastly, Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Thanksgiving turkey snack
Have a gobble-tastic holiday!!

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Thankful4mylife said... [Reply to comment]

So cute!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I could gobble that turkey up! Everything you make is so scrumptious.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you M. I'm happy for you too. (tho sorry to hear about your puter) Hugs, lunchpunch

Quirky Jessi said... [Reply to comment]

At first glance of the picture I could see in my feed reader (smaller than here), I thought that was a pizza roll....and it just didn't make sense at all, lol. Love the turkey!

Rina said... [Reply to comment]

I am having a giveaway at my blog, if you like to join or invite anyone else.

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