Friday, November 18, 2011

school bento boxes: snacks and lunches

Three of Ethan's school meals, lunch and snack,  from this week.

I'm pretty sure this was Monday's lunch.
Lock and Lock bento

Packed in a "4 square" Lock & Lock bento box:
- pickles
- Wheat Thins
- raspberries
- turkey rolls and cheddar cheese (cut into pumpkin shapes)

His snack from the same day, packed in a smaller Lock and Lock box box.
Lock and Lock snack
- bugles ("mom! it's the season for bugles, remember the cornucopias!") and strawberries with a cute bento pick.

Lunch from either Tuesday or Wednesday...on one of those days I was running late in the morning and didn't have a chance to take pictures, again in the 4 square L&L.
Lock and Lock bento box
- Whole Foods cereal bar
- homemade granola bar
- cornucopias o' plenty
- strawberries with a cute bento pick
- baby carrots

Snack from the same day.
Kids Konserve Snack
Clementines in a stainless Kids Konserve container, and an organic Z Bar. Ethan is obsessed with these after getting one as an after-soccer snack a few weeks ago.

Lunch on Thursday. Packed in our panda Kotobuki box. Because nothing says "it's turkey time!" like a big panda face. Um.
Turkey Day bento
The usual suspects:
- strawberries and carrots in the top tier, with a turkey cupcake pick
- turkey rolls, homemade granola bar, bugles

Snack from the same day, packed in a square Lock and Lock container.
Pears and a Z Bar.

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