Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lunch Punch Sweet ice cream sandwich bento

Another cute sandwich bento, thanks to the lovely new Lunch Punch Sweet set cutters.

I wanted to show the ice cream Lunch Punch again, because I think I decorated the first one so much you couldn't see all the cute details the Lunch Punch makes itself!


All bento'ed up:
sweet LunchPunch Bento
Packed in an Everset sandwich box:
- ice cream sandwiches (with pb&j inside)
- strawberries
- cucumber slices
- clementine orange
- pretzels

The little ice cream sandwiches are topped with two pieces of candy from our lingering trick-or-treat spoils, "glued" on with cream cheese.

The clementine sits in a little silicone cup to keep any juices from seeping over to the pretzels, and a little bow pick is stuck in the middle for fun. I thought this silicone cup looked like a piece of wrapped candy. :)

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