Friday, November 4, 2011

Lock & Lock box lovefest: snack bentos galore!

Here's a bunch of snack bentos from the past week or so. It's a Lock & Lock boxapalooza!

It seems there were a lot of prezels going on...I didn't even realize it until I was loading in all the pictures!

These first two boxes are a small L&L that comes with two inner dishes to separate sides (though I usually only use one of the two included inner dishes).

mini Teddy Grahams & raspberries:
snack box - grahams and raspberries

And then the pretzel bingeing begins....

organic baby carrots and mini pretzel twists:
snack bento: carrots & pretzels

These next boxes are a sandwich-sized Lock & Lock boxes. I used one of the inner dishes that came with the above Lock & Locks inside it - the boxes have the same shallow depth, so it works really well.

pretzel fishies & pears (dipped in juice to prevent browning):
snack bento: pears and pretzels

pretzel sticks & strawberries on homemade picks with a couple wayward grapes:
snack bento: pretzels & fruit

This last square box is as deep as the "4 square" Lock and Lock box I often use for Ethan's lunches, but not as big of a square. Because the depth is the same I can use one of the little inner square boxes from the "4 square" in it - but as you can see, there's a lot less room around it. I got this box from a set of L&L canisters I bought, finding that this one worked as a snack box was bonus. :)

honeycrisp apple slices and pretzel thins:

I've bought almost all my Lock & Lock boxes on Amazon, but you can also find a good selection of them here, at ATFS. That is where I ordered the cute picks from, like the one shown in the first photo with the raspberries. :)

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Jennifer said... [Reply to comment]

I have a couple of Lock & Lock boxes for my kids and I love them to death. But my daughter told me the other day that when I pack crisp things with something like fruit, that the crisp things get soggy. (I had pretzels and berries together, in separate compartments of course.) Any thoughts? Do you use press & seal wrap or anything over the top of the sections?

Santti said... [Reply to comment]

What type of juice do you dip your fruit in to keep from browning? Any tricks for keeping bananas from browning? Thanks :)

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Jennifer, the only times I've had trouble with something crispy getting soggy is when I tried to make the lunch the night before and left it in the fridge overnight. That never works for me. Another issue can be if the ice pack inside the lunchbox is too close to the crunchy stuff - I think it gets too cold and moisture can sometimes form in the box when it's too cold. I try to pack so the stuff that needs to be cold is on one side while crunchy/dry is on the other, then in the lunchbox I pack the icepack away from the crunchy side.

Santti - any juice with vitamin C works, and I often just use whatever juicebox I can find around. We end up with an assortment from soccer game snacks and since Ethan doesn't like juice boxes, I just keep them for apple dipping! Lemon juice works great, but I know some kids don't like the sour taste. Ethan didn't like lemon juice on his apples until just a year or so ago. Still, if it's a sour apple already (like granny smith) then I try to avoid using sour juice like lemon on top of it.

In theory, the same juices should work on banana. My kids won't eat it that way though because it makes the banana slimy. I've had more luck leaving it pealed, but sometimes cutting it in half and then just dipping that exposed cut end and letting them peel it themselves later.

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