Friday, November 11, 2011

Lock and Lock bento boxes: a few yummy lunches

Here are a few of Ethan's bentos from this week. Hold on to your seats, it's going to be an exciting time. (not really).

Lock and Lock bento box

Clockwise from top left:
- organic strawberries (I'm guessing this is our last batch for the year. Boohoo.)
- Wheat Thins
- organic baby carrots
- peppered turkey rolls on cute picks

Lock and Lock bento box

Clockwise from top left:
- organic strawberries with a cute bento pick
- organic baby carrots
- garlic parmesan pretzel thins (yummo!)
- peppered turkey and cheddar cheese, cut into a couple fun fall leaf shapes

L&L lunch

Same type of box from above, but using only two of the inner square dishes and pushing them to the middle.
From left to right:
- organic cereal bar
- homemade granola bar (wrapped in wax paper)
- couple clementines
- organic baby carrots
- cheddar cheese cut into flower shapes and pretzel sticks

Yep, we love our "4 square" Lock and Lock box. A lot.  One of the first ones I ever got and still one of my most-used.  It's my bento crutch. :)

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Ani said... [Reply to comment]

Hi. You have a neat food blog. I know it helps me with lunch ideas for my toddler for school.

You probably have been asked this a lot but where did you get the container for this post? Been looking for something with mulit compartments.


Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Ani! My first one I bought a few years ago were from Target. They no longer sell this brand though, so the last couple I ordered from Amazon. Here's a link:

It's a great box! I love it so much I have multiples! :)

Ani said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks so much Melissa! I appreciate it.

KTC said... [Reply to comment]

Because of your blog, I purchased 2 of these Lock and Lock boxes a little over a year ago. I pack my kids' lunches/dinners in them multiple times a week We just LOVE them!! It's been a lot of fun to create in them, and I love using so many fewer plastic bags! Thanks for the inspiration!

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