Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laptop Lunches - fall time!

This confession may make me sound like a big 'ol scrooge, but I have to say - I am so glad October is over! I was just not feelin' it this year. We did have a grand time trick-or-treating last night, and the excitement the kids felt was really magical and fun, but I am just so glad it's done. Now I feel like I can enjoy fall without the weight of Halloween bearing down on me. Whew! :)

Today Paige had a little lunch in a Laptop Lunches box. She was very distraught it wasn't the pink one, but the pink one is missing in action. Luckily, she's mighty fond of purple too.

Laptop Lunches fall

Clockwise from top right:
- chopped strawberries
- cucumber slices cut in heart shapes, with a dash of pepper
- mini fall leaves sandwiches and jack cheese leaves with a side of Annie's organic snack mix
- Horizon milk box, removing one long inner box leaves enough space for a milk box :)

Let's peek at the leaves a little closer. I loved these!
fall leaves sandwiches in Laptop Lunches
I don't think these photographed as cute as they looked in real life. They were really uber adorable, for sandwiches. I made them using a new toy I ordered from Amazon, little dough presses. There are some other cute shapes I can't wait to use too!  The tiny sandwiches hold pb&j (with a couple cheese leaves decorated with food safe markers) are in a silicone cup to contain them away from the crunchy snack on the side.

Happy Fall, y'all! (I live in Tennessee, so it's perfectly fine for me to use "y'all", though originally hailing from California, I do feel really dorky saying it). :)

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Keitha said... [Reply to comment]

You have to stop posting about all of your neat toys. I want them all!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Love it! You have so many great and creative ideas. I have now started to do this with my daughters lunches. Problem is she no longer wants daddy to make her lunch...

mbug said... [Reply to comment]

i agree with keitha. i love/hate how you link where you get all your fun toys hehe.

how did you make those cute sandwiches with those presses? make sandwich then press or press then add the filling?

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Haha, the main reason I started blogging about the lunch stuff was so I could justify getting more cute bento toys! :)

mbug, I make the leaves and then the sandwiches. I didn't try making a sandwich first and then cutting because I didn't want to goop up the inside of the cutter with peanut butter and jelly. Also, then I was only using as much filling as needed for the mini sandwiches and not wasting extra pb and j on the scrappy bits.

Jane said... [Reply to comment]

Dear Melissa,
Reading from Australia I have been astounded at the amount of attention, effort and time and I'm guessing money that goes on Halloween in the US. It is a festival that has not really exported to Australia. Every few years a couple of children will come trick or treating - that is how uncommon it is, yet the supermarkets are increasingly trying to ramp up enthusiasm for it advertising scary sweets etc. I hear from an American friend that there is much more attention paid to holidays in general in the States than there is here, Valentine's day being the other one that we don't bother with much compared to you (though more than Halloween).
So, I sympathise with your feelings about it and it's kind of a relief to see a design blogger say that it can feel like a weight bearing down on you.

mbug said... [Reply to comment]

thank you so much for the quick reply. i have those cute presses in my amazon cart as we speak hehe.

love your blog...keep those cute lunches comming :D

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