Thursday, November 3, 2011

bento lunch: National Sandwich Day - it's just plane fun

To celebrate National Sandwich Day we had to have a spiffy sandwich bento. I knew this was an occasion for Lunch Punch (God's Kiersten's gift to sandwiches).

I asked Paige which one we should use and she surprised me by requesting "duh airpane one". Actually, it wasn't that surprising since she just went on her first plane trips a couple weeks ago. :)

just plane fun :) bento box

Packed in our Paperchase box there is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat, cut with the airplane and cloud cutter from the "Vrrrm" transportation Lunch Punch set, with a side of airplane-shaped graham crackers, peanuts, a few grapes and cucumber slices. There is a piece of silicone barran separating the cukes from the sandwich, and I used only one of the smaller inner dishes included in the bento set with a tiny silicone cup inside it to contain the little peanuts.

Unfortunately, I don't remember where these came from, but I was stoked when I peaked in my bento pick box and spotted these plane picks. Perfection!
plane bento picks

The plane-shaped crackers (and peanuts too) were courtesy of SouthWest Airlines. When Paige selected the airplane Lunch Punch I immediately went right to the carry on bag that I have yet to unpack and found a few airplane snacks that fit right into the bento theme. Ha.  :)
plane crackers

Anyone else celebrating National Sandwich Day with some Lunch Punch fun? Any day is a good day for Lunch Punch, if you ask me! :)

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