Thursday, October 27, 2011

toddler lunch: batty bento

A few days ago I was looking through some old posts and I realized that by the time my little girl was my youngest son's age I was making her cutesy bentos. That seemed to be the age when she noticed and enjoyed certain shapes and whatnot. So yesterday I used the other half of the sandwich leftover from Paige's nervous jackawantern to make a cute sandwich for Tyler, rather than just leave it plain. It was his first cute, non-scrappy, bento. :)


His batty bento - the leftover sandwich cut with a bat shaped cookie cutter, a few ham & cheese roll-ups, cucumber slices, clementine orange segments and chopped strawberry in a pumpkin shaped silicone cup, some organic "pirate booty" stuff. The bat's eyes are chocolate covered sunflower kernels.

Tyler was totally grinning ear to ear! He isn't much of a talker yet but he pointed at the bat and said "monder! grrr!". Translation: "monster! grrrr!". Teehee. :)

paperchase box

This bento is packed in a Paperchase box, using only one of the three inner dishes it came with. Paperchase is (was?) a company that made cute novelty stuff, some bags and containers, lots of stationary items, stickers, etc. Borders used to carry their stuff, but since Borders has gone belly-up I have no clue where Paperchase stuff can be found these days (besides the UK). Bummer. :(    Luckily I was able to snag a few of these boxes way back when (I have two, and provided the third in a giveaway).


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CUTE!!! I love your lunch ideas. I hope to be as good of mom as you :)

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