Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lock & Lock bentos: two for the 4th grader in my life

I'd love to report after all this time that Ethan is suddenly a lot less picky than he used to be...but I would be lying if I did. Sigh.

His lunches look much the same as always.

Lock & Lock box bento

On the right: baby carrots, strawberries with elephant pick.
On the left: Trader Joe's cereal bar, granola bar, pretzels, grassy baran to separate, cheddar cheese hearts. 
Packed in our tried and true "4 square" Lock & Lock box.

On another day...a very similar lunch...

Lock and Lock bento

Once again, in a Lock & Lock, he has:
- Wheat Thin crackers with cream cheese
- baby carrots
- the same cereal bar and granola bar, cut in half so they fit in the small box
- purple grapes and a clementine with leaf pick.

The one big shake-up that's occurred with Ethan's school lunches is that he is actually eating THE school lunch the cafeteria serves up 1-2 times a week. I used to be able to use the threat of cafeteria food to whip him into behaving/cleaning his room/etc., but now he's usually game for it (for eating from the cafeteria, not necessarily behaving or cleaning his room). Sigh (again).

Another new thing we are dealing with this year - his lunch time is at 10:30! Isn't that crazy? So he has lunch just two hours after school starting and then has five hours until he's home. He does get a snack in the afternoon, but it's definitely an odd adjustment for him.
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The Mom Chef said... [Reply to comment]

I'm hooked on your site. The moment I see your facebook post, I head over. I promise not to become a stalker though. I made Dudette the sandwich sushi you showed us yesterday and had so much fun with it. I need some of those cutouts though. And picks. Eeek! You're turning me bento!

You/Ethan don't find that the cream cheese makes the crackers soft in the time from when they're made to when they're eaten?

Dina said... [Reply to comment]

It's hard to be creative when they are so fussy! Good job!!

The Planet Pink said... [Reply to comment]

It just makes my heart so happy to see you blogging again friend. :-)

About the lunch time, #1 eats her snack at 10:45 and then they have lunch at 11:20. And then they don't eat again all afternoon. Um... no wonder she rarely gets her lunch totally eaten. And no wonder she's starved when she gets home. Grrr....

Kristianna said... [Reply to comment]

Would it make you feel better to know that it a very varied meal compared to what my picky eater will eat? :) Mine is only in half day morning Kinder, so he only needs a snack, and generally I'm giving him an apple or a yogurt stick. YAWN. My 4th grader, however, likes fun food, so I have an outlet, at least. ;)

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