Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween jack-o-lantern sandwich bento lunch & a scrappy one too

Woo! That may just be the wordiest post title I've ever used. :)

This was my Paigey-Pie's lunch today...
jack-o-lantern sandwich bento

Packed in an Everset Sandwich Box she has:
- cucumber mishaps in a pumpkin shaped silicone cup (found those at a hobby shop last year)
- raspberries
- jack-o-lantern ham & cheese sandwich
- bbq flavored Pop Chips
- a couple tiny clementine oranges

The cucumber mishaps were born from a cucumber idea gone awry. My idea didn't work out so I hacked them up and tossed them in the silicone cup.

The jack-o-lantern sandwich was made simply using a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter and then using tiny bento cutters to make the face. The cheese inside the sandwich shows through nicely.

Teensy cutters:
bento shapes cutters

I've purchased a lot of these little cutter sets. You can find similar ones here and here.
Little cutters are one of my favorite bento supply staples. :)

The skinny-ish pumpkin cookie cutter left a lot of bread to waste - almost half a slice for each side, but not quite enough for me to squeeze another pumpkin out of, but too much for me to just toss as scraps. Times have changed since the days my littlest kidlet began eating the scraps...these days they usually end up in his little bentos. :)

Bento scraps turned bento

He's got the exact same foods as his big sister, just in a less inspired presentation.  Almost every time I'm making a bento for Paige I'm making one for him too, his are just (almost always) not as cute, and usually the landing pad of all the scraps.  Luckily, he doesn't mind (yet). :)  The bread used to make his sandwich was the leftover bread from Paige's jack-o-lantern sandwich - note the rounded shape on the cut side!
This box is a sandwich box I found at Marshalls a year or so ago.


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Samantha said... [Reply to comment]

I like seeing the second box because that is how mine end up looking, but my son still loves them! :)

Ludicrous Mama said... [Reply to comment]

Usually my lunch gets the scraps... but with another kiddo on the way, soon enough I'll have an alternate scraps disposal system!

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