Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day bento lunches! 2 (count 'em two!) of them!

(said very sheepishly, head down, eyes embarrassingly glancing up).

Long time no see. I've missed you. :)
Really, I have.
I do have an explanation for my (terribly, unexpectedly) long hiatus. But I'm sure you don't want to be bored with my life's details. ;-)

On with the bentos!

Ethan's bento is in the tried and true 4 square Lock & Lock box. It's not so fancy. It was early. I haven't adjusted to the time change. My husband was out of state for work. Actually, I might have still been asleep when I put this together.
Ethan's request was to not "make up any weird green foods". Apparently last year's St. Patrick's day bento was a little too greeny and weird for him. ;-)


Clockwise from top left: cereal bar and granola bar (both cut in half and stacked to fit in the space), Granny Smith apple (she's Irish, right?) and green grapes on St. Patty's food picks, and baby carrots.

I took out the two inner boxes on the right side to make more room for the apple slices and grape picks. The apple slices were dipped in Honest Kids pink lemonade to keep from browning. He also had a smoothie to have along with his lunch. :)

On his way to school this morning, picture taken right before I took him into the yard to spray his hair green. That's a leprechaun kiss on his cheek. ;-)

And now for the second St. Patrick's day bento...for my lil lassie, Paige.


I was short on inspiration for this bento, until I saw this cute paper in my stack. The rainbows caught my eye first but then I saw the mushrooms and that made me think of those tricky little green bandits too. :)
So here we have a mushroom shaped peanut butter & jelly sandwich, a couple leprechauns dancing a jig under it in a field of green grapes. To the side are some blueberries, shamrock-shaped cheddar cheese pieces, and some almonds in a shamrock-shaped silicone cup. Oh, and some green veggie straws.

The gummy ring in the corner? Well, I was thinking that was a Blarney Stone. But then I was second guessing myself and googled...and well, what I was thinking was a Blarney Stone really isn't. I read some silly book a couple decades ago which described a stone that was worn by water (such as in a river) to have a hole in the middle - and this stone would give you luck and protect you from mean fairies. (Yeah, LOL). Anyone know what the heck I'm talking about? Or what that stone is called? Or the number of a good psychiatrist? :p

Anywho, here's my sweetie pie girl on her way to preschool. I think she sees a leprechaun behind the bushes. :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!

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