Monday, December 6, 2010

Laptop Lunches Winter Wonderland

This weekend we had a little (tiny) snowfall happen and the little flurries certainly made it clear that winter is here! The "high" temp for today is said to be 36 degrees. Brrr!

My hubby and I are trying to squeeze in the last bits of Christmas shopping, so my kiddos spent a few hours at their beloved drop-in childcare place so we could get those errands finished up. With our arctic front upon us it was a no-brainer to make a wintry bento lunch for the occasion!

Paige had a little Winter Wonderland in a Laptop Lunches box. :)
Laptop Lunches: Winter Wonderland

Teal box: clementine oranges (my kids are obsessed with these!) and green grapes.
Orange box: "snowballs" - popcorn with snowflake sprinkles
Green box: dinner roll
Pink box: a boiled egg "snowman", turkey bologna rolls and cheddar cheese mittens. :)

The little snowman is decorated with a hat-shaped cupcake pick, and the face is made with food safe markers and a little carrot nose. The mittens are also decorated with food safe markers (I find these ones the easiest to work with). Fun! Paige was ecstatic over the little snow fellow. (Not to mention she loves boiled eggs and I haven't made any in awhile!)
snowman egg

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