Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4th day of Christmas: four calling birds

It's the fourth day of Christmas, the day True Love gifts four calling birds. The bento lunch documentation of this momentous occasion...

4th day of Christmas - Four Calling Birds

Packed in a PlanetBox, this lunch contains:
- turkey sandwich on multigrain bread
- four calling bird shaped cheese pieces
- fruit leather phone
- two small clementines
- golden delicious apple and grapes
- baby carrots and ranch
- peanut butter filled pretzel dipped in chocolate

4 calling birds closeup 12 days of Christmas

The calling birds (cut using the smallest of these nesting bird cutters from J-List) and are decorated with a few easy strokes with a food-safe marker. The telephone (they are calling birds, afterall!) was meticulously cut out of fruit leather. Whew! The phone was a bit time consuming, but I thought it was too funny to pass up. :)

This is part 4 of a 12 part bento series on the Twelve Days of Christmas! :)
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Supplies used to make this lunch:

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