Saturday, November 20, 2010

winners announced for the Healthy Habits Plates

Friends, I am so sorry for my long delay in announcing the winners! Three of my kiddos and I were all struck down by a yucky bug this last week that totally knocked us out (literally!). Yuckaroonie. Feeling better now, though still a little whoozy and dizzy. Whew!

Anywho, without further delay, the winners of the Healthy Habits Plates giveaway are....



Congrats, girls! Your plates will be shipping directly from!

In other news, voting is still going on in the California Raisin's "Let's re-Do Lunch" contest...and my radical raisin bento box made the finals! You can vote for each entry once a day and I sure would love your vote if you can spare a moment!! My entry, Bento Box with Harvest-Raisin Muffin & Banana-Raisin "Sushi", is found right there! Thank you so much everyone! :)
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