Wednesday, November 3, 2010

catching up: a whole lot of bento pictures!

I have a back log of bento pictures I never posted.

I'm not sure what this one was for. I think it was for an after-school snack...Ethan has some clubs and activities that keep him after school a couple days a week now and he needs a snack to tide him over. It was either for an after-school bento or a snack on a day he went to the babysitter. Hard to tell. ;-)
L&L snacky jello bento
Clockwise from top left, and packed in a 4 square Lock & Lock bento box: cheddar cheese, grape jello, carrots, saltine crackers.
The jello was "set" in one of the Lock & Lock squares...not much else to say here. :)

This was an after-school snack a couple weeks ago. I'm almost positive. Note the Halloween-esque cheese shapes. I am so tardy getting things posted. Sigh.
cool L&L snack box
This bento is packed in the divided Lock & Lock lunch set container, just like the one you can win in the giveaway going on now! ;-)
This bento snack box is holding Wheat Thin crackers, cheddar cheese, and kiwi fruit.
I specifically remember sticking a witch hat bento pick in the kiwi section before packing this one up in the lunchbox and kicking myself for not remembering to stick the pick in before I took the picture!

This is a bento lunch for Ethan from early October. I didn't post it right away and then before I knew it I was neck deep in Halloween themes and it just got buried back in my picture files...
Clockwise from top left: cereal bar and homemade granola bite, Wheat Thins and bear-shaped cheddar cheese, carrots & grapes, pickles.

And a similar bento lunch in that fantabulous Lock & Lock box -
Carrots, cereal bar & granola bar, mini saltine crackers & cheddar cheese flowers, strawberries.

Lastly, a little wayward snack bento. This is just a "normal" sized snack, typical for what Ethan takes to school everyday for his morning snack (similar to the batch of snack bentos previously shared)
Lock & Lock snack bento
This is packed in a two-tray Lock & Lock box and holds Goldfish crackers and kiwi fruit.

That's all, folks! Hopefully I'll get back on the ball posting some current bentos tomorrow. :)

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Eva said... [Reply to comment]

Just found you from biting the hand that feeds you...found her through bento boxes and from muffin tin monday (can you say six degrees of separation?) Anyhow your posts are great. I love the idea of making the jello right in the container. I'm just beginning with this, but love the idea. We bring all our food with us because of allergies, so why shouldn't it be fun!

Mommarazzi said... [Reply to comment]

Question--I have been looking for both the wagon wheel pasta and the mini saltines after seeing them in your lunches. Where have you found them? I thought my toddlers would love both but I just can't find them!

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

The wagon wheel pasta I buy is by Barilla. They make a mini wagon wheel says piccolini across the top of the box. The mini saltines are Premium brand and the grocery store I find them at is just a regular store (Publix) and they are stalked right next to the oyster crackers in the cracker section. I hope you can find them!

Eva, food should be fun! It's a great motto. :)

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