Thursday, October 14, 2010

the three witches snack bento

Fun little Halloween witch-themed snack bento. :)

witchy witchy woman snack bento

- 3 witches (green grapes & witch hat picks)
- broomsticks (pretzel sticks & fruit roll-up)
- deli rolls in a silicone spider cup

The little broomsticks are really fun and super easy to make! Just take a fruit roll-up (I use Simply Fruit - no HFCS or other nasties), cut into strips about 2" wide, "fringe" one side of each strip, then roll the strip around an end of a pretzel stick. :)

I found the witch hat picks at a local birthday party supply store and the spider silicone cups at the same place I found the pumpkin silicone cups...I thought that place was JoAnn's, but a few peeps have found them at Hobby Lobby - it's entirely possible that's where mine are from too. My memory is awfully moldy these days.
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Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

Super cute!! What did you draw the faces with?

Shayne said... [Reply to comment]

very cute ! where did you find the spider cup? is it wiltons?

Ani Meador said... [Reply to comment]

This is by far my most favoritist Halloween bento so far...SUPER cute!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I have the same question Sarah had. Your blog is just too cute!!

tiredbuthappy said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE this!!! So stealing your ideas for lunchbox next week!

Ashley said... [Reply to comment]

The broomsticks are way too cool!

Christina said... [Reply to comment]

Those grape witches are too cute! The whole thing is awesome, though. :)

Jocelyn said... [Reply to comment]

That is SO cute! I love the brooms.

Just a MOM (Lina) said... [Reply to comment]

OMG!! super cute halloween bento!! what did you use to make a facial detail? ... love it!

Kim said... [Reply to comment]

THIS is so super cute!! Super super cute!

shannonwheeler1974 said... [Reply to comment]

im another one wondering how you did the faces? super cute snack!! kids would love it!!

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I used a Wilton food safe marker for the faces - it works much better and easier on the smooth grape skin than it ever has on cheese! :)

Kristie Clower said... [Reply to comment]

super cute! I'm totally making broomsticks for snack time.

Nicole and Robert said... [Reply to comment]

I've been following your blog for a few months now and can I please be your kid. Do you want to adopt a 38yrold?

Love your creativity.

Susan Yuen said... [Reply to comment]

Heehee, the witches make me smile! :)

sherimiya said... [Reply to comment]

Cool spidey-cups! Such a funny lunch!

Ali B. said... [Reply to comment]

I made my first bento box lunch for my 3 boys. All three were thrilled with it, even my 8th grader. I loved the theme and found the same hat picks at a local party store. My only issue was the marker on the witch faces kind of melted from the moisture on the cool grapes. Any ideas? Love your site and look forward to making many more bento's. My boys are already asking what Monday's lunch is going to me.

Jocelyn said... [Reply to comment]

I love this!!! We are going to feature your idea on our blog Friday. We would love for you to stop by a visit. :)

Jocelyn @

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